CBWC: Unusual Perspectives

It took a while to find these pictures mixed with all the other pictures, but I think these are three unusual perspectives. I mean, how rarely do you get (unless you are an auto mechanic) to look at the underbody of a car? Or looking up at a rocking chair? Or two photographs bonded together as one?

Hoisted Plymouth Prowler – Looking up!
Looking up at the rocking chair in the barn’s loft
It’s a selfie with an overlay of my horoscope from an entirely different set of pictures, then everything changed to black & white. Lots of perspective from the photographer’s point of view.
Black & White

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  1. Great photos. Love the underneath the car. I forgot I have underneath a 747. I could have used that too. πŸ˜€


    • You definitely could have. Maybe next time. I’d love to see what it looks like from underneath. They are so HUGE, too.

      This one is suspended from the ceiling at the dealership where we have bought our last 3 cars. It was crooked because the crane was threatening to fall, so they just left it at that strange angle. You can’t see the angle in that picture because I was standing as square as I could to the car. Most people think they did it on purpose ti be art, but I was obviously interested in it — busily taking photographs — sio the owner came over and told me the story. He said there were a few minutes when they were afraid the whole thing was going to crash.

      They only made a couple of dozen of these cars and I’m not sure if any are still on the road. If so, they are priceless. My bet is they are all in some kind of museum or storage. Too valuable to drive.


  2. Love the underside of the car!


  3. That selfie is really creative and effective πŸ™‚


    • Thank you! The two photographs were taken on different years. For a while, I got interested in combining and overlaying photographs. It was interesting. it was also a lot more work than I’m usually ready for, so I eventually went back to regular photography. You have to find pictures that have exactly the right proportions and colors. Easier in black & white, but I originally did all of them in color.

      I still have a few of these pictures. They are among my favorites, especially because making them was an enterprise.


  4. Such wonderful perspective! I love black and white photos, Angel Adams remains one of my favourite photographers. In college that’s the genre I chose most often to do my art pieces. I clearly see patterns and shapes through black and white that are fun to explore! You and Garry have great eyes! 😊


    • My granddaughter is hooked on black & white and a couple of my friends are too. I like it for some things, but not for everything. But sometimes, a picture just looks like it needs the crispness of black & white. It is so much easier using the newer Photoshop compared to earlier filters. Of course I could actually TAKE the pictures in black & white in the first place, but I’m never sure what I’m going to do with them, so I take them in color and convert them later. They come out quite differently when shot in black & white, though so if I KNOW I’m going to change them, I shoot them in monochrome, either black & white or sepia. But not often. When I am taking pictures, I really have no idea how I’ll use the photograph and I don’t want to make that decision before iIve even looked at them.


  5. Love the Prowler. What a view.


    • Not only is it a great view of the Prowler, but it reminds me of how much I wanted a sports car. By the time i could afford one, I discovered getting in and out of a car so low-slung was impractical. Also, in bad weather, sports cars are useless. You need to have enough money for TWO cars AND a garage so your fancy “summertime” car doesn’t sit outside in blizzards while you take the SUV everywhere. you really need to go.


  6. I love them πŸ™‚


  7. Cool pics. Love the last one specially


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