My son has been giving me sets of pencils, paper, erasers, pens in a wild variety of combinations. A very good son, he is, so when he requested a drawing of this particular character, I couldn’t refuse. It’s a Tim Burton animaion called Jack Skellington. Where his name comes from is pretty obvious once you’ve seen the character.

I’ve never done a picture of someone else’s character, but there are many versions of Skellington on hats, tee-shirts, and body art, so I figured my drawing couldn’t be much different than all the other drawings I’ve seen of this character. I’ve never seen the character in action. Owen tells me he’s actually done in clay, so he isn’t animated. He is a “claymation” creation which to me is even more complicated than animation.

The original character is wearing a pin-striped tuxedo. I figured my hands were going to be unusable if I even tried to do that much intricate drawing, so I did the stripes in ink and then drew Jack in various shades of gray so you can see which of his limbs are where in the picture.

The background yellow in the picture is color dust from the pencils. I have yet to figure out how to keep that dust from collecting. Even after brushing the page frequently, some of that color dust adheres. If someone out there know how to manage the color dust, I’d really appreciate the help. It’s frustrating because no matter how lightly I use the pencils, there is always color dust. Erasing it is as likely to smear it as clean it.

Meanwhile, I think Jack came out pretty well. It was an interesting process for me, too.

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  1. Wow! He is amazing, Marilyn! Great job!!


  2. It an awesome drawing Marilyn.


  3. one of my favorite characters and movies, ever!


  4. I, too, would love to see you sketch the birds. Jack is great.


  5. Jack came out very well, Marilyn! You definitely have a talent with art.


    • Jack was relatively easy since he’s almost a stick figure. I couldn’t manage the details, but that’s because my hand is not quite healed. It is much better, though and if I take it easy I should be okay.


  6. You’ve come such a long way, Marilyn! And now that our weather is “allegedly” about to become actually spring-like, it will be great to see you take on “life drawing” of your birds at the feeders, en plein aire as they say!


    • I will probably always work from photographs. I’m much too slow to draw them “in action,” as it were. I would like to get good enough to do that, but so far, I am MUCH too slow. i might get there, but then again, I might not. Time will tell.

      I was nice and warm this morning and I had windows and the screen door open, but it chilled down already. Still, the buds on the maples give me hope. They also give me a permanently runny nose and a hacking cough. I love spring, but oh lord, the POLLEN totally kills me. It also kills Garry and Owen. We sniffle and cough collectively. I do more choking than anyone else, but Owen has some serious coughing in his own right. Garry, on the other hand, has the world runniest nose,. I think it’s the pollen AND the dust AND the dog hair. Doomed, but loving it.

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