The Bluebirds have found us and they have been here every day for several days. I never saw a Bluebird until last spring when we first put out suet and they came to eat it. Now, they are back and there are so many of them. It is a pure joy.

He sees me. I see him.

Some of them are a much darker blue than others. Garry asked why and I said: “Why are you darker than me?” and he laughed. In the bird world, color is enormously important. The reddest, brightest male Cardinal wins the heart of the lady Cardinal. The bright Bluebird get the girls. Sometimes they have to sing and dance, too.

This fellow was a particularly rich shade of blue
Birds are terribly messy eaters! He has suet all over him

We have also had a major incursion of baby Goldfinches. Just a few days ago, they still had baby feathers poking out of their heads. Yet in this past week, they are much bigger and their color is coming in.

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  1. Years back – around here – the bluebirds were declining. So they started a program of birdhouses in the country and they quickly came back. We don’t see them in the city though. Don’t know why?


    • They aren’t city birds. They like woods and fields, but they don’t survive in cities. They’ve been putting birdhouses around here too and with the same good results. I never saw a bluebird until we moved to the country. Robins, yes, Bluebirds, no.


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