I have a mental image of what I want this picture to look like and I haven’t gotten there quite yet. My son bought me black drawing paper and I’m going to try this on a black background and see if that makes the difference. I’ve never drawn on black paper before, so this could be rather interesting.

Visitors by moonlight
Autumn visitors

I have some metallic and fluorescent colors that should show well on a black background. Meanwhile, these two of the four or five sketches are the ones I like best. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I’m getting there.

I know it might seem I’m being overly critical, but that’s not really it. I have an image in my head and I’m trying to create that image as a drawing. These tools may not be the best ones for this purpose, but they are the ones I control best and are easiest for me to work with. For now.

It’s a process, moving along faster than I expected, but not always as quickly as I’d like.

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  1. I think you got these right Marilyn


    • Thank you! These are good but not exactly what i was trying to do. The problem is the vision I have exceeds the tools i have available. It will have to wait until I am able to put it together. I got the idea from a book I’m reading and I keep trying to create that scene. i ALMOST have it. Just not quite. I think I will need special materials and paint. It will have to wait until I have what i need — the money to buy what I need — as well as the time to put it all together. it’s a complicated composition and I think I need to create layers — which I’ve never done before. So it will, along with other projects, have to wait.

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