FOTD – April 5 – Two Orchids

Just as I hoped, the second big bud popped this morning. It was only partially open today, but should be fully in bloom tomorrow. There are half a dozen more buds on this stalk and more on another stalk. Also, the other orchid has buds that look a bit more solid today than yesterday. I have great hopes for it.

I didn’t process these pictures. I did nothing more than sign each one and reduce its size. I only cropped one photograph. It was refreshing to not do all that work.

I only wish more sets of pictures came as well as these did. I have made friends with my macro lens. Sometimes, the magic works.

Categories: Cee's Photo Challenge, Flower of the day, Flowers, FOTD, orchids, Photography

10 replies

  1. very nice! I want to smell them! 😀


    • Thank you! Oddly, Orchid have hardly any scent, or at least the ones I have have got much scent. Maybe a bird could smell it, but I can’t. It’s also possible that wild orchids have more scent that these hybrids. They certainly LOOK like they should smell great, don’t they? And they are beautiful.


  2. Isn’t it fun to know there is more beauty to come 😀


  3. They’re gorgeous, such a wonderful contrast of colours and sculptural shapes!


  4. Great shots, love the deep red/white combination 😃


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