CFFC: Fire

Once upon a time, I had a 12-foot Tepee. Owen and Garry helped me build it. I painted it and I loved it for eight years until finally, the poles rotted and it was time to take it down. By then I was having trouble getting in and out of it, but it was still so sad to say good-bye.

Photo: Kaity Kraus

It was my own very special home away from everything. It was the most peaceful place I knew.

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  1. These photos are lovely. What a great place.


    • It was lovely. It lasted as long as you can expect a building made of saplings and canvas to last — almost 9 years. Still, I was sad it finally was no longer viable. It was wonderful while it lasted.


  2. I so adore your first photo of you in your teepee. Wonderful photos for fire. 😀


    • That was my granddaughter’s photo. I love it. I look ALMOST the same, but my hair is longer and I’m much more wrinkled.


    • I probably should mention that Kaity was about 12 when she took this. She has gotten MUCH better since then. Actually, she is REALLY good. Better than me and entirely different in the way she looks at the world.


  3. What a special place that must have been! There’s something magical about looking into those flames too 🙂


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