I’m taking a breather from trying to do things I’m not good at and drawing flowers. I’m good at flowers. While not my most ambitious project, flowers — anything botanical, really — are satisfying. The pretty much always come out the way I intend.

My biggest challenge right now is finding a way to take pictures of my pictures without shadowing the pictures. The only place where there’s enough light is in the living room, on the table facing the big window.

To take the photograph, I’ve been sitting in front of the drawing. Now, I’m trying to sit off to one side and angling my arms in to grab the shot. There’s still a shadow, but at least it’s confined to the lower right corner and isn’t in the middle of the photo. These are the moments when I wish I hadn’t given away my lights. ONE light would make a huge difference. I may have to give in and buy one. Then I can shoot on any flat surface — day or night.

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  1. awesome! I hope you can fix the shadowing of the photos. there should definitely be a way to fix it!


    • I need to buy a photo lamp. The small ones aren’t usually expensive. I don’t need a big set, either — just one small lamp with a reflective umbrella (they usually come with an umbrella) which can stand on a table. That IS the solution and I’m pretty sure the only one.


  2. It’s so beautiful. Try scanning through an app on the phone. I did that with my drawing. Photo scan is an app on my Samsung. It did a great job.


    • I could try that. I have an app on the iPhone. I never thought of that. But I will still be between the window and its light and the picture. I suspect a lamp will not only do this job, but a lot of others. I used to have lamps. I gave them away when I stopped having an online busines. I never thought I’d need them again and I wanted that corner back. I will try it and see if the phone has some new magic. Thanks for the idea!

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