FOTD – April 9 – A New Orchid

It being Garry’s 80th birthday yesterday, his brothers sent him, which means me, a new orchid. I now have four, one for each of Garry’s birthdays. I can’t believe that either of them actually thinks Garry is tending these beautiful flowers since Garry in his life has never shown even the slightest interest in gardening or flowers or anything earth-related. As far as I’m concerned, these are my annual gifts.

I love the color of the orchid. It’s a rich lavender that is translucent. Since I know how these “bouquet” orchids are potted, as soon as it is done with this blooming, I’ll properly transplant it into the right soil. I hope when it blooms again, it will retain its beautiful colors.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, Garry! The orchid is such a beautiful color!


  2. Lovely flowers. Tell Garry belated Happy Birthday from me and welcome to the club!
    Don Emmeluth


  3. awe cool I hope they bloom for a long time! And happy birthday Garry! xo


    • Garry says, “You’re welcome.” No matter what ANYONE say, 80 is not the new 60. It’s the old 80 though I keep telling him he doesn’t look a day over 65. And I mean it. He really doesn’t look his age at all.

      I’m hoping they bloom for a long time too, though I don’t think so because there are no buds on this one. Everything is in full flower. But if I treat it right, it will come back. All the others have returned. It’s a great color, so I hope it keeps that color.


  4. I love the color of these orchids. Lovely gift


    • They are beautiful and I love the way the light comes right through them. I don’t know if the color is natural or was forced by whoever ran the hothouse. You never know until they bloom the next year. If it’s a natural color, it will come back. If it was forced (they inject color into the roots), they will be white with a purple center.

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