From the “yesterday” drawing collection, I also drew orchids. I drew some more today, this time the new purple ones. Owen has bought me all of the special Primacolor sets including the “botanical” set. I used it to draw the new orchids. I could have used a few mor shades of purple, red, and lavender, but sometimes it’s nice to use a limited set and not have to search through hundreds of colors.

It’s too dark to take pictures right now, so I will take some in the morning. Or afternoon when the sun in in the front of the house

It has been quite a week, quite a day. Who know what the morrow will bring?

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  1. Marilyn, this is beautiful. I applaud your skills.


    • I can draw almost anything botanical. Flowers, fruits, vegetables. Also birds and some dogs. Other things come out well or badly, depending. I’ve got a little bit of talent. I’m not going to be America’s next great artist, but I can draw flowers 🙂

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  2. I love how you’ve made them translucent.


    • I’m working on it. This one isn’t simple. I haven’t quite worked out what colors I need to get it to look like shadows behind other petals. I suspect it will eventually be many shades of gray — at least for white flowers. I have one huge set with MANY shades of grey (really, many shade of everything and the only reason I don’t use it all the time is because it’s huge and takes up a lot of room). It also includes a very big variety of earth tones. But it IS huge.

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  3. Beautiful, Marilyn. That was nice of Owen! I understand about having too many choices, sometimes. I hope that tomorrow and the rest of the week bring peace and blessings! I’m looking towards a stormy few days, literally, as our temps continue to flip flop. I’m supposed to teach the writing process to 3rd graders on a day with possible tornado outbreaks. I may or may not cancel ~the weather changes its mind too often. Stay healthy and well!


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