The orchids looked beautiful. It wasn’t sunny, but it was brighter than yester and the sun coming in from behind them in the morning made them glow. I took a bunch of macros, and then changed lenses and moved out and took some wider shots.



I’ve started taking the card out of one camera and moving it to the next so I don’t have to pull three cards from the different cameras. I suppose I could, instead, change lenses, but I find moving cards easier.. Besides, I like having each camera set up for its assigned task and I don’t have to open up the camera as often. This house is dusty and the cameras don’t need all that dust and pollen.

Bad enough trying to breathe through this season.

Cee, please pardon me for making the logo. The flowers were so pretty, I couldn’t help myself. You are welcome to it if you like it.

Categories: Cee's Photo Challenge, Flower of the day, Flowers, FOTD, orchids, Photography

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  1. Very striking and pretty flowers!


  2. Those photos are gorgeous, and the little banner is delightful! I’m sure Ms. Cee will enjoy it! 🙂

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  3. Beautiful orchids Marilyn 😀

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  4. It takes tiny writing, but you can always label them — birds, orchids, by date, etc.

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    • I reuse cards, so they are in constant circulation between cameras. I back up all my photographs at the end of every month and reformat many cards if they have been used a lot. Do other people only use cards once? That would be kind of expensive, wouldn’t it?

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  5. These are gorgeous, especially the macro shots!

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  6. How beautiful they are! And I like your idea of moving SD Cards from one camera to another, rather than continually changing lenses!


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