Share Your World 4-12-2022 – Tena Carr, Guest Host

Today is the first morning in more than a week when I’ve gotten up to see a blue sky and sunshine. Even when it hasn’t rained, it has been cloudy and grey most days. Often, it was so dark my photographs looked like they were taken at night rather than the afternoon.

April by the Blackstone


Do You Prefer Salty Foods or Sweet Foods?

I hate to always be in the middle, but I like both. I don’t like extremely salty food or extremely sweet food, but both some salt and sweet are fine. I liked more intense flavors more when I was younger. Tastes change and mine have changed a lot. I was a total chocoholic as a child, but became increasingly less interested in it as I got older. Now, I like some once in a while, but mostly like fruit flavors. And vanilla.

Would you rather be in a place where it is excessively hot or excessively cold?

I’d like to be right in the middle where it doesn’t get bitterly cold or breathlessly hot. California was like that, once upon a time before the fires and drought changed it to whatever it is now. Most of the islands in the Caribbean were like that too and for years I was in love with St. Martin, one of the Dutch West Indian islands.

The weather there is still pretty good, but the storms that ravage the area have made it much less safe.

I don’t breathe well in hot humid weather. I sometimes find summer in New England too hot and humid. Over all? I’d rather find an extra sweater than need to lock myself in air conditioning for half a year at a time.

Favorite Mode of long distance travel (bus, plane, train, automobile, or other).

I loved flying in private small planes and I was lucky to have a couple of people in my life when I was younger who had their own 🛬 little planes. When I was growing up, flying was a very different experience than it is now. It was a luxury. They gave you food, soda. In fact, they were really nice to you. Now, flying makes you feel more like luggage than a passenger.

I wish the trains were more accessible, but we have let the tracks fall apart. So technically, you can take a train from anywhere to anywhere else. But really, you can’t. When we were going to Arizona, I thought it would be fantastic to take a train there but there are no direct routes so you’d have to go from Boston to Chicago with a lot of changes of train involved. From Chicago, you could head south to Arizona — but not to Phoenix. It got really complicated.

Worse, each time you changed trains, you had to haul your own luggage between trains, then take a bus because the tracks were broken in so many places. This was years before COVID so the mess wasn’t the result of the lockdown. It was already really bad in 2015.

Europe has a fantastic railway system and we ought to have a good one too. We don’t. For us to travel to Phoenix from Boston, we’d be sitting up most of the way — there aren’t enough sleeper cars. Even comfortable reclining seats are in short supply. The entire trip would have taken more than 72 hours on the rails, not counting the extra time you’d need to travel between trains by local buses.

At a certain point, I realized it was hopeless. I gave up. We took a plane. We did consider driving, but we had a couple of elderly dogs at that point and driving would have required we add at least an extra five or six days to the visit and I wasn’t sure we could arrange it.

What was your favorite holiday growing up? (You can also use American holidays or appropriate holidays from your country)

Christmas. Yes, I know I’m not Christian, but everyone else celebrated. So I could go from friend to friend and see what presents they’d gotten and enjoy holiday cookies and stuff. And I love the music. I still do. Carols are easy to sing, easy to harmonize, and I remember most of the words.

We didn’t do much celebrating at home. We celebrated Thanksgiving, but I don’t remember anything else.

Gratitude Section

I got the loveliest orchid (for Garry’s birthday). I got a new computer. I had not realized how badly the old one was working. There are functions I’m using now that I’d forgotten could be used. It’s funny how things get old and you don’t realized it because the breakdowns happen so gradually.

Also, I am still exploring all the colors in my pencils sets. There is so much to discover.

Image from Paula Light

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  1. We’re seeing more weather extremes here too. I think that’s the way it’s going 😦


  2. Salt or Sweet? Ummm… I’ll get back to you.
    Hot. I think. I have some fear about getting cold.
    Travel? Train. No contest. You can walk around … go the Bar Car … sleep better … eat … Observation Car …
    Holiday? Christmas of course. Santa would bring me toys
    Gratitude? Toilets. (Acquired from Travelling)


  3. Interesting choices Marilyn.
    I always feel that this kind of Q & A gives you an insight into the responders personality.


  4. My dad had a small Cessna when I was growing up. He use to let me take control of the yoke while we were flying. Been years since I’ve been on a commercial plane. My last couple experiences left much to be desired (shame, because I use to love to fly as a child). One trip I felt like we were crammed in sardines and another you couldn’t get up and wait to use the poddy, you had to wait in your seat till the person came out and of course as soon as they did someone else zipped up there before I could even get out of my seat….Ever see a grown woman squirm in her seat. Pretty much ruined flying for me.


    • Our last trip to Arizona was awful in one direction, not too awful in the other, but in both we had no room to breathe and we SMALL people — both of us are short and thin. They keep trying to save money by making the seats smaller and not feeding you anything. It was a 6 hour flight including a layover and we got 1 (count them ONE) small back of peanuts. I was hungry, thirsty, and my back hurt. And I used to like flying. They’re so busy saving money, they are making customers into permanent NON customers.

      I used to try a bit of flying once we were up in the air, but I’m so short, I couldn’t see out the front window of a small Cessna. I’m not sure, but the ability to see something would seem to be a good idea. I would need a very small plane 😀


  5. I’d love to travel through Europe on the train. Like the oriental express.


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