This isn’t the first time I’ve drawn The Duke, but it’s the first time I’ve drawn any living thing from “life” rather than a photograph. I was just sitting there, pad in my lap and pencil in hand, looking at the Duke who was considering another nap on the sofa. We had him groomed yesterday, so he looks like a Pitbull with a big fluffy tail. It is a most interesting juxtaposition especially because there isn’t an ounce of pit or bull in him. The general consensus is Boston Terrier by Papillion, or something like that. However, if you shave off his coat? He becomes a whole new dog who smells much better. He is downright fragrant.

Duke, A Dog

I started to sketch him. He wasn’t moving much and before he rolled over, I had most of him sketched. I was really really surprised the drawing came out looking like our dog. It’s also better than the previous drawings I tried. It was very encouraging!

Before you point out that his nose looks like it is on crooked, it really looks that way. His whole face is off-center and one ear is up while the other is down. He’s a funny dog.

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  1. Very good likeness Marilyn

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