It’s done. I actually spent the money to get it set up today. Otherwise, it would have been a week of messing with it. It’s not that I don’t know how. It’s that I didn’t want to do it again.

I can’t count the number of computers I’ve set up over the years. My own and other people’s computers. Hiring Jeremy got me three hours of his time (discounting chat time — we had to catch up) and he got done what would probably have taken me a week. He deleted all the usual junk they include which you’ll never use, loaded Photoshop and Chrome, reset any passwords I needed changed and before noon, I was up and running.

That left me with the unenviable task of adding documents and photographs. Documents are easy. They don’t take up much space and it’s just a single big download. I couldn’t load all my photographs unless I wanted my hard drive to be overloaded from day one. I finally settled for adding years 2020 through 2022 and a few small files mostly taken on vacations.

This machine is really fast. My previous computer was also fast, but this one is faster. Of course, that depends on what application you are using. Photoshop for example works at the same speed it always worked, but hopefully without crashing the computer daily. The problem is that nothing does the job of photographic processing better or even as well. Most of us put up with it because no one has come up with another application that is as non-destructive or as flexible. For me the most important aspect of Photoshop is that it doesn’t mess up your photos. I don’t use most of Photoshop because I usually don’t need it.

Back to the computer. It is 15.6″ with full HD, Intel 11th Gen i7 -1195G7 Processor with Intel Iris Xe Graphic on board, 32GB LPDDR4X 4266mhz RAM and a 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD for dependable storage. Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support, two USB-A 3.2 ports, and a full-size HDMI port.

It was the most power I could afford and it only weighs 2.4 pounds — as opposed to the 7 pounds of my previous bowling ball. I keep picking it up and nearly dropping it because it’s lighter than my Mac Air. It also has a great battery.

I wanted a 2 TB hard drive, but I couldn’t find one that had the rest of the specs unless I had another couple of thousand dollars. Which I didn’t. As it is, I pretty much drained all the money we had so I wouldn’t have to buy this on credit. I have a lot of credit, but the problem with credit is you have to pay it back and it costs a lot more to repay it than you got when you borrowed it.

It’s also got a lot of military specs. It’s dust-proof, drop-resistant, water-proof, solid metal body. Good in heat and cold as well as sea air. It’s made by LG and it’s called a GRAM.

There’s nothing wrong with it except that they make you accept software I didn’t want, but that was the good part of getting it set up for me. He just removed all that crap, got Photoshop and Chrome set up in about a tenth of the time it would have taken me to do it. He also knew what was safe to delete and what had to stay, something I never know because they just don’t tell you. I don’t know how I feel about Windows 11 yet, but that’s not the fault of the computer. It’s just Microsoft being Microsoft. They’ve moved everything around so everything you know is there, just not where you figured it should be.

The keyboard has bigger keys, but it also has a calculator style keyboard, so the keyboard is pushed all the way to the left. If I was the typo Queen before, I’m going to be even worse now. It has a touch screen — which I disabled. I also disabled the touchpad. I can turn it on again if need be.

I bought a $10 Logitech mouse that will last for years because these simple devices are amazingly sturdy. I’ve been using Logitech mouses for decades and the only reason I replace them is when the feet fall off or the cover of the battery case finally breaks when you drop it for the two hundred and fifty-first time.

The computer is great.

I wish I could say the same for Amazon’s horrible service. They turned the week into total Hell for me. If you have physical disability issues and can’t, like me, get to the door in any reasonable time and need to get a machine without requiring a signature, don’t buy it through Amazon — unless you have someone who can collect it for you. In all the years I’ve worked with Amazon, I have never had such deplorable service. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I have never bought a “serious” computer from Amazon before. I’ve bought computer components and Kindles. Over a certain value, they absolutely are sure they have to have a signature and my pointing out that not only can’t I get to the door, but Garry simply can’t move that fast didn’t change their minds. They decided what I needed. The only reason we were able to collect it was because the Duke barked when the UPS truck passed the house and then backed up and came down the the driveway. By then Garry had managed to navigate at least one flight of stairs. He managed to get to the door before the guy left.

It was a very close call and I am still really pissed off about it. I’ll get over it, but for now, I’m mad as hell.

That being said? It’s a great computer. It’ll be even better if I ever figure out where the menus are in Windows 11.

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  1. Yay…very exciting, Marilyn!


  2. It sounds like a great computer. Enjoy.


    • It’s sure a big improvement. I hadn’t realized how badly my computer was running until I got this one and discovered how nice it is to have a computer that doesn’t crash before I finish setting up a picture or post. It was in really bad shape. It just happened gradually so I didn’t notice — except that it was happening with increasing regularity, many times a day. It’s nice to be reasonably sure that I’ll get to finish what I’m doing before everything locks up.

      Funny how computers (like cars) age gradually so often, you don’t realize how badly they are running until you get into a newer one and realize “Oh. The brakes really stop the car!”

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  3. good on you…. I so far have steadily refused to accept W11 as it gives me nothing of any interest and it would take away stuff I’m used to and that I use! It’s a bit like Wp I reckon: They do updates (? really ?) and ‘force’ you to adopt the new styles and gadgets but what they really do is binding you even more to ‘their’ product. I’ll do without as long as I possibly can.
    Good luck with your new baby.


    • In THIS case, there was a reason for the operating system change. Security issues have dogged Windows for years were finally been corrected. It’s also why some of us were unable upgrade our computers because they don’t have the right processors. To be fair, my computer was on its last legs anyway. I’ve had it for six years and it has been in constant use for all of those years. I couldn’t even GIVE the old one away, so I gave it to the guy who was setting up the new one because he has a few friends who can’t afford a computer and need something. This was “something.” So he’ll put a new hard drive in it and pass it along.

      If the computer had another year or two in it, I would have kept it, new OS or not, but it was crashing many times a day. It was a matter of time before it stopped working. It went from crashing occasionally to crashing six or seven times a day — and sometimes, even more.

      I don’t know how well the new OS will work. They are patching a lot of security holes which is a good thing, but the hackers tend to be pretty good at finding new holes. Faster than Microsoft can patch them up. I only lost one thing — a bridge game that’s no longer being made.

      This is a big deal upgrade. If your current computer is working well, keep it until it isn’t working well. Mine was really dying and I can’t function without a computer. Plus, I have a fairly long list of requirements because I do a lot of pretty heavy-duty work. This household wouldn’t function without me and the computer running it, so it wasn’t a choice anymore.

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      • That’s exactly what I intend to do, keep it as long as it is running at all. It’s a good one but I ‘fxxxd’ it up when for ONCE I rather too forcefully slapped the lid down and – sh.t happens – it slammed on the plug of my external disk, which unhinged the lid partially, so that I can’t close the laptop any longer…. I wasn’t even angry or upset, I just shut it a bit more forcefully than I would have normally done. So I have a ‘presque nouveau’ computer who is a patient until its end and can’t be taken anywhere any longer…


  4. Congrats Marilyn. Enjoy it


  5. Hooray for progress, and the wisdom to hire efficient support. I’m all for reducing frustration/brain damage when I can. I hadn’t thought about the mobility challenge involved with signing for packages. Good points, and I’m glad it got done.


    • What was particularly infuriating was Amazon’s brainless assumptions that (A) I must have a neighbor or local someone to get it for me (we live in the middle of nowhere, so no, we don’t), (B) I asked them BEFORE placing the order to NOT require a signature to which they agreed and then discounted, and then (C) ignored my requests to have them fix it.

      They seemed unable to grasp the concept of “disabled.”

      BUT the computer is a big improvement. It’s light, fast, sturdy.Having it set up for me was SO much better than doing it myself. To be up and running in half a day felt like a miracle. I hope it lasts forever 😀

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      • Ya think Jeremy is willing to come to Arizona to set-up my Microsoft Surface Pro7 PC, a combination tablet/computer, which I won by donating to my local NPR station.This was surprising as I don’t normally win things.., like you, I find deals.


        • You’ve probably got a Jeremy near you. Ask around there’s always a guy who does computers. Garry and I won a television as a door prize once. That was our bigger ever win.

          Those Surface Pros are supposed to be nice machines. I’ve heard good things about them. Enjoy!


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