FOTD – April 16 – Out-Of-Season Cactus Bloom

Is it a Christmas cactus? A Thanksgiving cactus? How about an Easter cactus? Because this one is blooming just in time for Easter. It’s not a major bloom. Just one big bud but still, way out of season.

It’s not the first time a Christmas Cactus has decided to bloom in spring or summer. It’s good news for me because this cactus has been asleep since I re-potted it more than a year ago. It’s healthy. Huge. Lots of green growth. Just no flowers. So this bloom means all is well. I’m sure, as winter comes, more blossoms will follow.

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2 replies

  1. Awesome that it bloomed! An easter miracle! ❤


    • A miracle indeed 😀 At last, proof -this cactus will bloom again. When you re-pot these cactus, they fall apart. It can take a really long time until they are finally sturdy enough to flower. This has taken more than a year. It put on lots of green growth, but this is it’s first flower. I guess it survived. Yay! For half a year it look close to dead. Patience, patience.


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