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  1. Oh your first photo is splendid Marilyn. Do you play it?


    • I used to. My wrist has made it difficult, but I played well enough to sing along with it, but not good enough for a solo. These are both the easiest and most difficult instruments to play. Simple melodies are very easy, but if you want something more complex, it can be complicated, especially because it’s an old instrument and doesn’t have the same scales as the instruments we play now. Everything sounds a little bit sad. I do adore the tone, though. I have a ukulele I can play, though I haven’t even tuned it in months. Along with art, music is one of those things I used to do and just got left behind for one reason or another.

      This was a beautiful instrument. I gave it to a woman who was a very good player and had badly damaged her instrument. Better someone should play it than it should gather dust here.


  2. awesome, marilyn! Thanks for telling us what the photos are. I can imagine them then! Xx


    • The dulcimer was a real beauty. That was when I thought I’d be able to reclaim my music, but it turned out my arthritic and over-used wrists couldn’t do it anymore. I could reclaim some thing, but not music. I would have needed some very skilled surgery — and there was no better than a 50-50 chance the surgery would work. Those weren’t good odds, especially because there would have been a long healing time for EACH hand during which I wouldn’t have been able to do much of anything.

      I think my hands will survive if I am careful. I can draw, but not a huge amount every day. I can strum the little ukulele — but not all the time. I sold my piano because I couldn’t play more than a few minutes before my right hand refused to function. It was surgery or realize that this one thing — playing instruments — was not going to come back.


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