FOTD – April 18 – Orchids, Anthurium, Cactus and Easter Lilies

For a while, nothing — except the anthurium — was blooming. Now, everything is blooming. Well, almost everything. Two of the orchids are thinking about blooming, but haven’t gotten there quite yet.

Most of the indoor garden
Easter lily and orchids
Christmas (Easter) Cactus

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  1. Blooms, blooms, beautiful blooms!


  2. Your thumb must be very green by now! These are gorgeous!


    • I’ve had a moderately green thumb for years, but until I stopped working — and stopped having a big family to feed — I restrained myself. After I didn’t need a dining room, it became my plant room. In my first house, I had hundreds of plants. I was also the editor for Doubleday’s Garden Book Club which helped because to write reviews, I had to also read the books. BUT. I’m pretty much an indoor gardener. I don’t have the spine to do much outside gardening and besides, I hate mud. If I had a gardener… but I don’t.

      I had a friend (Mary) who could grow anything. I decided I wanted to grow plants too so we went shopping.

      She said: “Put them in the window. Water them when dry.”
      “That’s it?” I said.
      “That’s it,” she said.

      Basically, that’s pretty much what I still do, although with the orchids, I have to be even MORE careful to water them very lightly and no more than once a week. It’s too easy to drown orchids and cactus. I’ve done it more than once and lost several plants from just ONE over watering. They are highly intolerant of even a little bit extra water.

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