We watch “The Ten Commandments” every year at this time, give or take a day. It isn’t out of admiration for the movie. It’s because over the years it has become downright comedic and Garry just loves watching the Red Sea part for Moses, Moses, Moses.

It’s a very long movie — close to four hours with an intermission that lets you change the DVD. Wrote one piece and posted a couple of others while the movie, with all it’s absurd inaccuracies and baffling generalizations, ran to its conclusion.

So it shall be written. So it shall be done.

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  1. Love your artwork, Marilyn!


    • Thank you. I’ve been trying to recover skills I had years ago. They’ve come back faster than I expected. Now I have to make the leap into painting. I’ve made two attempts. Not successful ones, so I’ll try again. But not today. Or tomorrow 🖼️


  2. I’ve seen this movie, but did not like it, there are better movies to watch I think at this time of year, although, if you asked me which ones they were, I am drawing a blank now. Xx


    • Well, we also watched The Wizard of Oz again. And a couple of others and I actually can’t remember them. Not the usual “Easter” movies. I think one viewing of 10 Commandments was quite enough for the whole season.

      Oh, right. Gigi.


  3. I love your picture, Marilyn. You have inspired me to try my hand at painting.


    • Try it. I think many people can draw and don’t know it because they haven’t tried. If I accomplish nothing else, I’ll be happy if more people take up drawing and maybe more because it looked like fun.

      If really IS fun and relaxing. Expect the first few drawings to not look like much. It took me about a month of steady effort to begin to see stuff that looked pretty good. I’m still trying to convince myself to try painting 🎨


  4. I think I saw this as a child. Haven’t done it since


    • It is, in many ways, a really awful movie. A mockery of Exodus, a bizarre mish mash of history where it’s obvious Cecille B. didn’t know which came first — Exodus or the Romans. He also didn’t know much about Christianity and was such a racist I doubt he knew anything about Judaism — or any other religion. The dialogue is terrible, but utterly sincere. It has become a comedy and we don’t take it seriously. I never did. I didn’t see it until I was an adult. My mother would never have taken me to see anything biblical. She preferred westerns and Disney animation.

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  5. I think I have managed to avoid that one all these years. Ben Hur was as biblical as I could take and not sure if I managed to sit through it all. They did make some long movies back then though.


    • Yes, they did and those biblical ones were ALWAYS the longest. My secret at least these days is that I don’t just watch. The movie is the background and I do other stuff. Ben Hur had some really great moments — that chariot race being one of the greats in the business. It will never happen again because now, rather than risk lives (someone died while making that scene), CGI is used and no one has to die.

      The Ten Commandments is pure pseudo-Christian puffery. It’s not even accurate from a Christian standpoint, much less a Jewish one. AND Cecille B. was a flat out racist too. I don’t watch it for its content. I watch it because the dialogue is SO bad, it’s funny and it’s done with such sincerity that it’s even funnier. Then, there’s the Red Sea…


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