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I’m glad I’m not the only one to find that somehow, AM has become PM — or vice versa — and the post isn’t where it ought to be. I thought it was personal. I’ve been averaging one missing post every day. I often stay up late to make sure at least the first couple of posts go up. If I get tired and go to bed before I see them post, I’m not surprised when none of them appear in the morning. I’m not always ready to stay up past midnight to see if WordPress is actually following its calendar.

April by the Blackstone

We are going on a wee mini vacation next month from chilly New England to even chillier Minnesota. We shall be visiting Garry’s brother while Owen holds the fortress against any and all marauders. Because we will have to travel by (sigh) plane, we’re getting another booster each.

I’m terrified of flying. Not of crashing — of getting sick. I used to get sick on aircraft before COVID. All that recycled air. One person sneezes or coughs and everyone gets sick. It isn’t a heartwarming prospect. There’s no choice. It’s too long to drive and with gasoline prices what they are, anything beyond a quick trip into town is too long to drive.


What do you buy much more of than most people?

Probably stuff to drink — and art supplies.

Stuff to drink because I’m picky about what I drink. Some of the stuff I buy isn’t available locally or it’s a lot cheaper online. Anyway, they deliver it. It’s heavy and I’m grateful, even if it’s the same price, to not have to be hoisting it.

As for art supplies, that’s recent. I really only took up drawing (again) in January. I had a 53-year lapse between the last time I was drawing or painting and today. From this point on, though, there will be less buying. I have enough pencils and paper to last a while.

Which workers have the worst jobs?

That’s a tough one to answer. There are an awful lot of awful jobs in this world. Some are awful in every way. Sewer workers, trash collectors, anyone who has to work selling in a store or waiting tables. Some awful work is ugly because it stinks and it’s physically hard and underpaid. Some awful work is because of how people treat you. Some work is awful because it’s difficult, poorly paid, and underappreciated.

There are more kinds of crappy work than good work, so if you are lucky enough to have a good job you perform in a place that’s cool in summer and warm in winter, that doesn’t break your back or make you smell like a sewer? That’s good. If it also pays you enough to maintain a decent lifestyle for you and your family with something left over? You’re doing well.

It’s amazing how few people can manage to have a lifestyle that has all those elements. It used to be normal, but these days? A decent job that pays a living wage is a big deal. Something to which everyone aspires and few manage to achieve.

Opinion.  John Cage is a composer who wrote a piece named 4’33” for any instrument. The performers are instructed to not play their instruments for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. Is this music or art? A combination of both? Neither because it’s stupid? Your opinion?

I loathe 12-tone music. Cage’s early compositions were written in the 12-tone method of his teacher Schoenberg, and to be clear, I hate Schoenberg too. I dislike all atonal music because to me, atonality isn’t music.

Cage didn’t stop there.

By 1939 he was experimenting with increasingly unorthodox instruments such as a piano modified by objects placed between its strings to produce strange sound effects. Gag. Retch. I haven’t exactly followed this school of music. To put it another way, I have studiously avoided this music.

I remember going to a Schoenberg concert at Carnegie Hall. When one is a music major, you get a lot of free tickets to concerts — especially concerts no one else wants to attend where there are lots of empty seats. I took a friend with me. The hall was so empty we found ourselves in the front seats. The concert progressed. I swear it sounded like people banging on garbage cans filled with enraged cats who howled whenever someone hit the can.

We started to laugh. We both had long hair, so we swung our hair over our faces and tried to repress our hysterical laughter. As soon as there was a break in the “music,” we left so we could finish laughing.

That was my last in-person encounter with 12-tone music. As for John Cage? I am grateful his “music” never became “popular.” I really REALLY hate it.

How good are you at drawing?

Not bad.

GRATITUDE: Feel free to share one amazing thing you’ve experienced ever.

There have been quite a few, but I’ve lived a long time in a lot of places.

  • My first view of Jerusalem driving up from the airport, seeing it appear on the top of its mountain.
  • Walking through the nature preserve and seeing the Banias and feeling as if I was really in the original Garden of Eden.
  • The Grand Canyon.
  • Having a vision when I was nearly dead and waking up a few hours later ready to go home.

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  1. Marilyn I thought you were going to say you bought more bird food than most people 🙂


    • Ironically, around here, that’s not quite true. People buy tons of bird food. Owen went to buy bird seed today and they were out of all the 40 pound bags so he had to buy 20 pound bags. The other feeder on this street passed away, but all over this very wooded area, people feed the birds, the racoons, the squirrels, the chipmunks. I’m actually slowing down on feeding them because summer is bound to come one of these days and I want them to at least try to find some of their own food. I think we have spoiled birds!

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  2. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World! You are amazing! You embrace art in so many different forms and you rock (IMO) at ALL of it! Photography, music, drawing, painting, gardening, nature photography… oh my gosh! And the experiences you’ve had which you keep as treasured memories? I’m humbled to have been able to share them through your eyes! Bless you! Have a wonderful week!


    • You too. AND now you are back on my subscription list! We have to have a private chat about visions and stuff like that. It’s hard to find people to talk to.

      I really don’t do everything well, but I work at whatever I’m doing. I’m a bit OCD about everything. It made me a very good worker, but it can make me a little hard to live with too. If I’m interested in something, I get very focused on it. Writing was easy for me and photography has been a little more challenging. Art was something I wanted to do, but work — about which I had no choice — then family and having friends took priority and things like art just slid away. I was that generation of women who were told we could do everything. Except we couldn’t. By the time I hit 30, I realized the clock was a reality and somewhere between the other stuff, I had to also sleep so I could cope with another day. And, I was never willing to trade a personal life for work, so I never advanced to where I might have gone. Well, that and also being a woman at a time when the work I did was entirely male.

      There’s a story in this.

      Don’t think you aren’t amazing in your own right because you are. I think you haven’t yet realized how amazing you really are, but I hope one day you will.


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