I took these pictures a couple of years ago and I was never quite happy with them. I went back to the originals and redid them with minimal processing and while they are less colorful, I like them better.

My favorite

The filters had changed the colors. I lost the pink in the clouds, but I got back the correct color for the sun that time of year. You have to make choices.

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  1. It’s fun to use different filters to get a more artistic effect. I’m not very good at it but I enjoy trying!


    • For a while, I think I forgot how to NOT use filters and some of the work I did was over-processed. Good thing I saved the originals and I can go back and redo them. The thing with filters is to not get carried away. They ARE fun, though. You just have to remember not every picture needs heavy processing.


  2. I like these. The light is cool and wintery, which seems appropriate for the bare trees.


    • Thank you. There was a lot of pink and gold in the clouds, but to get those colors to show, it changed the sun to amber — the wrong color for winter. So I gave up the pink and gold clouds and went with the cold winter sun. I need a more selective color tool. There probably is one, but I’m out of funds so it will have to wait.


  3. Beautiful, Marilyn! There’s nothing like nature’s light shows!


    • Thank you. Nature’s light can make some interesting changes to what you see — or maybe what you think you see. Sometimes the colors you see aren’t quite the colors you saw. I grow wildflowers — Spiderwort — that are visibly deep blue but always comes up as red-violet in photographs. Apparently underneath the blue we see, there must be a red we can’t see. The camera “sees” it or more accurately, senses it. I have to twiddle with color to get the blue to show and sometimes, no matter what I do, I can’t make the flowers blue without changing everything else, I have noticed, though, if I shoot the same flowers in shade, they will usually be blue, so it must be the interaction with the sun.

      You can’t always get exactly what you “see,” at least not with any equipment I own. I’m sure NASA has a camera that can do it, but I expect they are a bit pricey.

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  4. I think the colours in these look just right.


  5. absolutely, Marilyn! You always have to make choices, ❤


    • Good thing I’m okay with change! Getting old is no piece of cake. Surviving and staying sane is all about choosing what you can do, who you can be, and somehow figuring out how to still be you when you’ve made your choices. Even in photography 😀


  6. Hi Marilyn, I love pictures of the sun and sky. When we go to game farms my husband says I never spot animals first because I’m to busy looking at the sky.


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