Sunday Poser # 76 – From host Sadje:

I like that I can write. I like that my writing never fails me. I love that I can keep tweaking what I’ve written until it’s perfect and says precisely what I intend to say — yet I can publish it with all plenty of imperfections and it will still be understandable. Writing keeps me alert. Focused.

It keeps me paying attention to little things which become big enough to become blogs or something else. Mostly blogs.

Writing has never failed me professionally or personally.

From a very young age, I could write better than anything else I did. I almost got there with photography. But photography was, even in the 1960s, a struggle. Everyone who owned a Brownie camera was sure they had the seeds of greatness in that little plastic box, so unless I wanted to go into commercial photography, the stuff I liked doing — artistic stuff — was right up there with becoming a concert pianist. Potentially do-able, but highly unlikely.

I never regretted writing for a living. It always felt like I was in the right place, even when I was a beginner. Words were my safe spot. I got better with time and practice, but even my early efforts were good. I don’t feel I missed out because I didn’t become an artist or musician. I would have been a mediocre artist and an even more mediocre musician, but I was always a good writer. Sometimes, a very good writer and never a bad writer. Writing was just there for me. I never had to search for it and I don’t think I’ve ever had writer’s block.

I can’t imagine what I would do if I couldn’t write so I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing. As long as I write, I’m in the right place.

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  1. Writing has become easier for me when I feel like I’m just talking to someone. It’s not inspired, but doesn’t require much editing either. On a personal level I do journal often and find that to be powerful for me. Somebody actually does seem to be listening.


    • That is EXACTLY what I used to tell my students when I was teaching writing. Writing should sound just like talking. If you aren’t sure you’ve got it, read your material aloud. If it doesn’t sound like normal speech, rewrite it.

      You got it. That is THE way to write.

      Diary writing can feel that way. Back when I kept a diary, it was as if it was listening. Maybe I was just listening to myself.


  2. Might have duplicated this:

    Hi Marilyn,

    good post, but you’ve picked up the link to mine instead of Sadje. Have put it below.
    Take care


  3. Hi Marilyn,
    Loved you post and thanks for the link to my post, but you’ve picked me up instead of Sadje (here below)
    Take care.


  4. You’re a wonderful writer! I’m glad I surrendered to my writing. I’m hopeful to be better every day!


  5. You are a terrific writer marilyn! I like writing too and feel I am a good writer as well. ❤


    • And so you are 🙂 You are always sharp and witty too. You just reminded me that yours is one of the blogs that WordPress deleted from my list, so I just re-added you. Every time they update WordPress, I lose about have my connections and I often don’t notice for a while and then one day I say to myself, “Self? What happened to … ” and voila. So I think (hope) I’m reconnected.

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