FOTD – April 20 – Macros from the Indoor Garden

It was warm and now it’s cold. Below freezing at night again. Rain in the morning, sun in midday, but it never got warm even with the sun out. But, on a more positive note, the sun let me do some close macros of all the blooming orchids plus the Easter lily and the cactus flower. Because I was shooting so tightly with the sun behind the flowers, I balanced the cameraon the table on one edge to stabilize it.

Tight macro, white orchids
Macro mini-orchid

It worked. I can’t hold a camera steady at a 50th of a second these days, but using the table, it was steady enough to get a pretty clear image.

Macro violet orchids
Macro Easter lily

It was an interesting balancing act. Even a mini tripod would have been too tall for these shots. Also, to get enough light in the picture, I had to shoot from below the flower or the center of the flower was too dark. Our house is not bright, even when the sun is out.

Macro cactus blossom
Macro mini-orchid

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16 replies

  1. Beautiful orchids 😀 😀


  2. Wonderful macros, Marilyn…


  3. Fantastic macros, Marilyn 😃


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