FOTD – April 18 – White Orchids

Since I took these pictures yesterday afternoon, another bud has opened. I still had some of these I thought worth posting, so I’ll take new pictures tomorrow. Outside, it’s cold. It’s not as cold as it is in Alberta where it snowed yesterday, but it’s not warm either. It went up to 58 degrees (14 C), but it’s dropping down below freezing tonight.

Owen wants to buy plants, but they would die overnight in the cold. Until it stops freezing at night, we can’t put out plants. The deck is ready. We have hooks for hanging new plants and planters for growing. What we lack is spring.

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  1. Beautiful post Marilyn 😀

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    • Thanks, Cee. I bought (on a friend’s suggestion) a small (less than 1 lb.) twisty tripod in which you can wrap the legs around poles and table legs — anything that will fit. It was not expensive and when I get it, I’m going to see what it can do. It’s a great idea, but how useful it will be is a whole other question.

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  2. Those flowers are stunning! we have spring weather here but there are no guarantees of frost free nights for a while at least, although it’s unusual this late in the year in southern England.

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    • It’s unusual here, too. Especially because the days have — at least when the sun shines — been milder if not warm. Come around dinner time, the temperature drops like a rock. It will probably go from cold to hot in a matter of hours a few weeks hence.

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  3. I hope you get warmer weather soon! Its was 12 degrees c here yesterday, with a little sunshine, xo


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