We had lofty pretensions when we created the United States. Despite that, we had lunch with the devil and included slavery to soothe the south and more than a little to also soothe the north. The importation and sale of human beings was a big money-maker. “All men are created equal” was the most ironic comment ever written into a declaration and constitution.

Almost 250 years later, remarkably little has changed to make this country a better, more egalitarian nation. Putting aside, for the moment, outright racism and bigotry of which there is a breathtaking amount, the gap in professional positions has narrowed every so slightly, but never gone away. Nor will it. Every time a bill comes up that could guarantee equal pay for equal work, it goes down in flames.

Republicans — as a party — are fully committed to non-equality.

To get full and “fair” compensation and advancement in the workplace, the GOP position is simple: be a white Christian heterosexual man.

After the Civil war, a huge number of white people lost whatever concept they might have held in favor of equality. Not just toward dark skinned people. They just plain lost it.

They resented and objected to anything that could narrow the inequality gap between white Christian men and the rest of society — including women. Until the late 1940s, it wasn’t even illegal, so they raised their children to be the same narrow-minded bigots they were.

It’s 2022. Women — not a minority as women outnumber men — are nonetheless significantly below men professionally and are still fighting the apparently endless battle to control their own bodies.

Appalling though this is, a lot of people are are proud of this. Those who promulgate this “position” don’t “get” why others think they are stupid. They think it’s snobbery. It’s not. We know those people are not stupid in the sense of having low intelligence. They are intentionally stupid, by personal choice. Which is worse.

They are proud of their lack of culture and education. They think racism, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and a failure to understand science, history, or facts is just fine.

Racism, bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and a failure to understand science, history, or facts are not fine. These have been the signature of the underclass in every civilization in human history.

I wish I could see a brighter day down the road, but I don’t. Mostly, I see hotter days, filthy oceans, and an ever increasing level of poverty, deprivation, and ignorance.

I’ll get off my soapbox now. Because nothing I say is going to make a shred of difference. You can’t confront those people with facts, rational explanations, history, or even basic kindness and compassion. None of these things matter to them. They are rigid, grim, and surprisingly cruel.

Those who are not intentionally stupid are deplorably corrupt. It’s mind-boggling that we have come to tolerate and accept this level of corruption. If it weren’t currently unpopular, I’m sure these same people would be cheering the Russians on because the Russians have oil. We’ve effectively suppressed research that proves we can run our cars and generators on almost anything — including garbage and water. We don’t need oil, gas, or uranium. Most people don’t realize there are so many options. We do not have to pollute the earth and oceans.

Electric cars are not an answer. More like a band-aid over a running sore. The mining of nickel to create those batteries is environmentally destructive. Moreover, we have no solution for disposing of the batteries and we depend on electricity to get those cars to run. The electricity is generated using the same oil, gas, and nuclear stuff. It’s the same loop. A pretty frame without a picture in it.

We need to use something else to run vehicles, generate electricity, heat or cool our homes. Did you know any internal combustion engine can, with minimal changes, run on alcohol? And you can create alcohol from almost anything, including garbage and mulch? This isn’t news. The research has been around for at least 70 years. If you think you are making the world greener with your electric car? Think again. You are not making the world greener. The car may make you feel better and it will save you money at the pump, but it’s not a solution.

I’m painfully sure we’ll keep on being stupid. We are programmed to that kind of idiocy by oil and gas conglomerates owned by mental giants like Vladimir Putin.

As Forrest Gump said: Stupid is as stupid does.

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  1. This post is full of wisdom and truth! I’ll never understand the level of ignorance~and sadly, I feel the uneducated in my area only follow this ignorance because they are uneducated! It’s a losing battle. Marilyn, I follow Jesus. But because of my stance I have been obliterated by the so-called Christians in my area. Really? Jesus was NOT affiliated with a political party. The God I serve is shaking his head. Power, greed, immorality,…the old adage, “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer,…and I’ll add, the ones who don’t care, don’t care or want to learn or seek truth, are just adding gas to the fires of insanity burning the threads of what could be better; or not~because we will destroy ourselves. I’ll try not to get on my soapbox, but I’ll add that extremism is infecting some around me that I would have NEVER thought would cave into the unbelievable brain-washing bull hockey! I thought we were making progress until 2016.


    • Uneducated AND close minded about the value of education — a true double whammy.

      Forgetting for the moment major actions like closing oil wells etc., they won’t even do simple things that require NO great effort and might even be fun. I try not to spend too much time dwelling on it. I never imagined living in this country and being unable to use reason, facts, research or any form of knowledge to explain stuff. I feel like we have mentally returned to the caves — before books, science, research, libraries, and education.

      I thought we were progressing too. It was a huge shock to realize what I thought was progress was mostly hot air and bullshit. I don’t even know who to blame. Trump pried open the can, but the can was there to be pried open. It turns out passing laws only works when citizens believe in laws.

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  2. One of the most accurate and poignant posts I’ve read from you. Sadly it’s painfully true.


  3. I agree 100% couldn’t have said it better I’m afraid.


    • I often think there’s something wrong with how many peoples’ brains work. Or maybe its MY brain that isn’t working. I’m appalled at all the wrongs I see and so many think it’s just fine — so one of us has got it wrong. I hope it’s me because I’m not seeing the world in a good way.


      • Unfortunately your seeing it the right way. Too little education, too little thought too much acceptance. People are so busy making ends meet they don’t have time to think anything through it seems.

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  4. You would think we would be better than this by now wouldn’t you?


  5. “All men are created equal”. That line always makes me chuckle.
    Orwell got it right though in his book Animal Farm.
    Required reading for wannabe politicians is that.
    His words? “All men are created equal, but some men are more equal than others”

    Don’t forget Marilyn.
    After TEOTWAWKI, the world will still be there.
    Less humans and lesser life such as politicians.


    • I actually take some comfort in the realization that “the planet” will find a way to right itself. Probably not for US, but for most other things. I worry about the birds, though. They are dying.

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      • They say that the whole time here. Species are on the brink of extinction, yet they aren’t and a lot have just changed their habits and locations. I have taken part in a lot of surveys on wildlife and always found that true.
        Mostly it’s just scaremongering.
        Nature is adaptable, man is not.


        • The problem is that we are losing many species of birds and just plain numbers — and THAT isn’t due to climate change. Its because we keep cutting down woods and forests. Some can and do adapt — and people like me who feed them help too. But a bird that needs to find insects in trees isn’t going to find them if the trees are gone. The birds disappearing fastest are those most limited by diet and nesting.

          The number of birds is going down as well as species — and again, that has a lot to do with endless destruction of woods as well as tall buildings that never turn off their lights. It’s such a stupid, easy thing, too AND it would save money. The lights don’t have to be turned off. Dimmed is enough. New York has pass the first law about it. Other tall cities could do the same and it costs nothing, saves money — and saves migrating birds. Such a small, easy thing to do.

          The worst thing about endless deforestation is that the 🏢 housing doesn’t generate money for the town or city. It’s a one shot payment with no long term gain. It would make some kind of sense if at least the projects generated something, but they don’t. They just cut everything down, take the money and run.

          I haven’t seen a butterfly in more than two years. They’ve cut down all the areas where butterfly plants grew and even though I grow them now in hopes of luring back a few, I think they are just gone.

          I’m sure some stuff is designed to create fear and panic, but nothing else has worked. If people don’t get worried and scared, they won’t do anything. Most of us don’t do anything regardless. We shrug and assume it’s someone else’s problem. Except I think we ARE “someone else.” If not us, then who?

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          • In that respect I understand.
            IF you want to destroy anything, just add mankind.

            Yet we live a small township life in a rural county (state) and while we have few trees, we have hedgerows, wide drainage channels because we live only a couple of meters above sea level. We have marshes and everywhere the learned eye looks, there is wildlife and wild flowers.

            In larger towns, they are concrete heavy but five minutes out and you are in farming country which is nothing like the huge farms America and Canada have so there are woods, as said drainage ditches with life in them.

            Cities. One word, YEUK!
            There is little soul in cities, and even when people try, the pollution kills off the most hardy of plants. No plants, no flowers, no bees, no life, outside of vermin.

            Wanna cut back on world pollution?
            Flatten the cities,

            AS for doing something?
            The environmentalists are always doing things the wrong way. They forced wind turbines. Then got upset as a gaggle of geese flew into them and got battered to death. Whose fault? The wind farm of course. They were told where to build, only it was close to a bird sanctuary. Who approved the plans? That would be the environmentalists. Their HQ? London.

            Just remember nature has a way of getting around man made problems. Take Chernobyl. Nature reclaimed it, the surrounding land, and as everyone stayed away, life bloomed.

            After TEOTWAWKI, nature will return, only BETTER!


            • We aren’t working towards being green. We just are green because the farms are mostly gone and all that land, after 100 years, is now woods. This is a watershed — a huge watershed, so the water here is one of the major water resources for the region. Lots of rivers, streams, ponds, a few big lakes and many smaller ones. Lots and lots of birds and woodchucks, deer, hawks, eagles, water fowl, bobcats, raccoons, flying squirrels, fox and not very far away, bears. I really hope the bears keep their distance. I love them, but they are powerful and can be quite destructive.

              We aren’t green by intention, but we are green by omission. We are too far from Boston and Cambridge to commute to work, especially since we don’t have commuter rail. Unless you can work from home or work for a town, this isn’t the place to find a job.

              There WERE farms here. You can tell by the stone fences in the woods. They probably bordered fields. But the ground isn’t great for most crops. We grow a lot a apples and dairy cow and bees (honey is a major crop), but I think the farms have given up on corn and wheat. There are many better places for those crops than New England.

              I hope nature does return and I hope that some of the animals I love will be part of that.

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  6. Thank you for the reality check Marilyn. It’s brilliant. 💜🌼


    • I try not to do this often. It is very frustrating to realize I can’t fix things. All I can do is feed the 🦉 birds and hope for the best. I suppose what I cannot comprehend is how we have so many pols who can’t see what is right in front of their noses. Maybe they don’t care what happens to anyone who comes later — like their children and grandchildren.

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      • I don’t know but I think money is their inspiration/aspiration and everything will fall into place without their help. A few bumps here and there, but WTF (sorry)
        Tomorrow, April 22 is Earth Day. There are actually some young people (25 – say 35) inventing ways to clean up our planet. I posted one such example yesterday. A fella is actually using his invention to clean up the garbage flowing into the oceans via rivers, right now.
        It’s a start, maybe late, but he’s making it happen and influencing future investments.

        Earth Day 2022 is Friday, April 22 – Boyan Slat – on “Ocean Cleanup”

        Keep on doing this Marilyn Your very good at it! 🙂👍💜


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