I keep getting into a time crunch. I write and there’s no time to draw. I draw, but there’s no time to write. No matter how hard I try, the number of hours in a day never gets any bigger. Drat! Nonetheless, I did a few things. Nothing spectacular, but a pretty flower and at least one cute bird.

Mini-Orchid drawing
House Finch with seed – drawing

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  1. These are awesome Marilyn.

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  2. No matter how hard I try, the number of hours in a day never gets any bigger. I love this comment and it’s exactly how I feel. I’m always having to chose between writing and artwork, both are time consuming. Your latest pictures are excellent, Marilyn.


    • Thank you. It gets to be a such a crunch. The day never feels longer. Doesn’t it feel like it keeps getting shorter? Days disappear in what seem to be minutes and you turn around twice and it’s next month! I keep trying to stay up later to get more done, but I’m tired. Tired ALL the time. I can’t keep the hours I did years ago. One of the things I have had to bow to is the need for more sleep and sleep at normal hours, too. I never thought I’d really need a full night’s sleep every night just to keep going, but these days, I do.


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