Among the things I have struggled with — other than squirrels — are people. I haven’t gotten people right yet. My main problem seems to be drawing an adult face rather than a child. My faces always appear to be faces of children. For an adult, the eyes are too big and faces too short.

I have a particular problem making eyes the right size. The profile I did of Garry on Saturday night is as close to an adult face as I’ve gotten. It’s just a black on white sketch and it’s very simple, but it looks more like Garry than anything else I’ve done.

I decided to skip color. Getting people the right color is always difficult
This little furry muff is a better color — and he looks furry

I played with color and hue on Photoshop. The original is the wrong color red-brown. This is far from perfect, but it’s closer. I don’t know what the right color IS. I have around 500 pencils in various sets. Surely one ✏ pencil should be labeled Squirrel Red!

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  1. Getting better with every attempt Marilyn. This does looks like Garry


  2. Your probably better off skipping color on people! Everything is so PC nowadays. You can’t even draw or be creative without offending someone. So good thinking on your part!


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