Today a miracle occurred.

I got my driver’s license. The official REAL one with the star that means I can (gasp) fly on an airplane! That I somehow managed to score a license feels miraclulous, especially because I am STILL waiting for paperwork from Nassau County, New York which, according to those in the know, should get here some time in July.

I ordered it at the beginning of February.

How hard is it to make copies of birth or marriage certificates? It’s a single hit on the copy machine plus an official stamp. I know people are backed up with workers, but this is ridiculous.

You wouldn’t believe how awful we looked before they fixed the pictures. We don’t look like movie stars now, but we look a LOT worse before!

I think I finally proved what I suspected five years ago: they Photoshop our driver’s ID pictures. The last one was horrible, but when I got the license, all my wrinkles were gone. This time, it was even uglier — yet it came back with me looking younger than I did five years ago. If it’s not Photoshop, it’s something similar. Not that I’m ungrateful. I’m happy to not have that dreadful photograph lurking in my wallet.

So I’m here to report the news: IT CAN BE DONE! You CAN get the new super duper official “Real” license. I don’t know what I did right and I didn’t have half the paperwork I was told I needed, but the license is in my wallet. For anyone that thinks it’s impossible, apparently it isn’t impossible. It’s just ridiculously difficult!

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  1. DMV Photos, YECCCH! at least, this time yo got a good one. Hope it doesn’t screw up any travel plans?


    • Actually, they fixed the photo which was truly horrible. They use some kind of Photoshop-type software. I don’t know if they do it for everyone, but they do it for seniors because Garry’s photo was also nicely smoothed out too.

      This is the license that LETS me fly. The old one wouldn’t have, but this one will. Phew.


  2. hooray! another one for persisting


    • I really couldn’t give up because I need the ID. Without it, there were a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to do — eventually, if not immediately. So I had to get this done, somehow.

      I can’t imagine how people without a home computer and/or the money to buy the papers they need — how in the world could they EVER get this done? I could barely figure it out and the people at the RMV were as confused as me.

      I think that’s how I got the license. They didn’t know what to look for either and eventually said, “Oh, here, have a license.” I think they were exhausted with endless lines of baffled people trying to figure out what in the world they needed to get a “real” official license. Trump left his mess behind and it’s going to be worst (no surprise) for women because most of us change our names when we marry, so we have to track each marriage and each name change. If THIS doesn’t convince women to stop changing their names when they marry, I don’t know what will.

      All those poor women who married overseas trying to get papers from some distant government. Oy vay.

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  3. My passport has expired and I was thinking about getting a “real” license so I’d be able to fly. But I have no reason nor desire to ever board an airplane ever again. I spent far too much of my life in airports and on airplanes for my job before I retired to want fly again.


    • I didn’t either until Garry’s brother gave us a “gift” of flying out to see him. I can’t begin to tell you how much I don’t want to go, but I really have to go. I hope this is the last — absolutely LAST — time I get on a commercial plane. I’m really short and I can’t find room for my feet in economy. How do tall people manage to fly commercially?

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  4. Yes, been there done that and it took me a whole fraken year. OMG not fun. The trips I made holy crap!


    • I did it about 5 weeks after my license expired and all that paperwork I was waiting for was still missing, but somehow I did it. I really don’t know how I did it. I think maybe the people at the RMV were even more confused than I was and that was how come I got it. They didn’t want to look at anymore papers and I was out of more papers to show them.


  5. Good things come to them who have the patience of Job.
    Congrats and happy flying.


  6. Congratulations Marilyn


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