On two separate mornings, the same scene — well, almost exactly the same scene. A clear day and a cloudy morning.

Getting a new computer has also meant a lot of reorganizing, especially of photographs which have never been well organized. I don’t think they will be much better organized now but I am taking this opportunity to look at pictures previously taken with new eyes and different tools. I’m redoing many previously processed pictures without any processing except a signature, a bit of cropping, and reducing the photo’s sizes.

These are two mornings in Vermont with the morning mist still settled in the mountains.

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  1. I think one a time may be the answer?


  2. Beautiful shots


  3. Redoing all the pics must take an age! You’ve more patience than I do lol! 😛


    • Actually, because I am not doing any processing, it’s pretty easy. Just a quick cropping, a signature, resizing — all of which I do more or less automatically — and I’m done. It was way harder the first time. It turns out NOT processing is much easier than processing. I think this is my big lesson. Even in photography, less is more.


        • Thank you Ben. The only other thing I have to do — sometimes — is straighten crooked pictures, although those little green balance thingies in the Olympus cameras help me get most of the pictures relatively straight. I STILL tend to drop my left hand a bit — just enough to make straight lines look “off.” But even that’s not very difficult to fix. Repair is pretty easy compared to processing.


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