How easy it is to shop online? I spent the last 3 hours searching for an effective flea and tick repellant for the Duke. There are some new products on the market including an edible tick and flea repellant, but my vet doesn’t sell it and won’t prescribe it. The next time I see him, I’ll have to ask him why? I know he is a minimalist where dogs and drugs are concerned. When in doubt, he urges using the least-worst or most benign solution.

Which is why we switched from Revolution to Heartguard Plus. Duke likes this much better anyway. He hated Revolution. I think it must have burned his skin. He always acted as if we were going to beat him when we had to apply it, but he eats Heartguard like a treat.

I wanted to try Bravecto which is eaten, not applied. Duke, our weirdo dog, doesn’t like stuff on his skin. He is itchy and it’s spring. The flowers aren’t out, but the bugs are. The vet carries Frontline and it would not be my first choice. It was not, in the past, particularly good at killing ticks. Fleas, yes. Ticks, not so much. Supposedly it has improved. My next issue was where to find the best deal?

Amazon has a generic version, but it got a lot of bad reviews from people reporting allergies. It has the same active ingredients as Frontline, so what are the inactive ingredients? They will never tell you and because it’s for a dog, they don’t have to tell you.

The price for brand-name Frontline was a bit much. I wasn’t sure if their generic version was trustworthy, so I hopped over to Chewy. A sale! On the very item I needed; a generic version of FrontlinePlus on sale for about half the going rate. Hot damn!

I bought it and there was also a sale on Duke’s favorite bacon-flavored treats. I pointed to them on screen, but Duke wasn’t impressed. Before I bought it, I had already compared ingredient to ingredient on a dozen brands. I knew I had to buy something before Duke digs a whole in an ear. The stuff in Advantix is scarily poisonous. I don’t know if this is any better. Tick and flea medications are poison. You can’t kill fleas and ticks any other way, so either you feed poison to your dog or you put the poison on their skin. Pick your preferred poison. There is no other choice. Yet.

Is this easier the mall? It took as much time, but at least I got to do it sitting in a comfortable chair. It used no gasoline and I didn’t have to hunt down the items. Brick and mortar stores carry fewer products than online sites, so I had more choices. That’s probably good. It’s also easier to compare products online than in a store. I remember hoisting tons of dog food trying to figure out what was in that bag.

I started shopping online — first via catalog and eventually by website — because I couldn’t find what I wanted in shops. I didn’t reject the mall. It rejected me. They never had what I wanted. If they had it, it was the wrong size or some strange color. At least I could find my size and a style I didn’t hate faster. Also, shops long ago decided we couldn’t live without them and had reduced staffing to such low levels there was never anyone to help you. It made shopping exhausting.

Today I found what I was looking for and I didn’t have to go out in this nasty chilly rainy day. I think that’s a win for me.

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  1. The edible tick and flea products have been around for a few years. I am not keen about sticking pesticides on my dogs (but do because tick-borne diseases are increasing) and definitely won’t put any pesticides inside my dog. The regulations regarding what poisons (like arsenic used to treat heartworm) are used to treat dogs are far more lax than they are with humans. If you Google, you’ll find incidents where dogs have had sometimes fatal reactions to chewable tick/flea treatments.


    • I know. I think that’s why our vet won’t use or prescribe them. Bad enough to have to use the stuff externally, but internally is a whole other ball game. They aren’t required to give us information for medication we give our pets as much as people. Even the food we feed them — we can only really guess what is REALLY in that bag. I cook for my dog. It’s a lot safer. At least I know what he’s eating. In point of fact, it’s entirely edible and I always taste it before I put it in freezer containers.

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  2. Thank you for doing the hard work for the rest of us 😁 you are right the shops need to up their game. Never enough knowledgeable staff.


  3. We use Frontline Plus for all our pets. It’s pricey but the first summer here we had a bad outbreak of fleas so we wanted something that would kill the eggs as well as the fleas. It seems to work on all of them. I find it impossible to give Polly any kind of tablet so the spot on method is better for her. I’ve used flea collars in the past and don’t think that they work as well.
    I had thought about trying an edible tablet but never got around to getting Cindy tested for heartworm and didn’t want to give her a medication with heartworm included without doing that first. Heartworm does not seem to be a big issue in Tasmania. I had it for Tessie back in Adelaide.
    We had a fantastic service there, a mobile one that came once a month. We bought food from them and they did the worming, heartworm and flea treatments, checked their nails and that sort of thing. Unfortunately, they went out of business, I think.


    • And Frontline Plus is what he is getting. Heartworm IS a big deal here. I wish it weren’t, but the worms have moved up here from the south. You really can’t keep anything confined anymore.

      I just hope the Frontline Plus works on ticks. Fleas aren’t the big problem here, but ticks are and we have Lime ticks, too. All of New England has them and by now, apparently so does the rest of the country. Nothing stays isolated for long.


  4. Either can be exhaustive. I’ve spent hours on line and got nowhere. I tried shopping for groceries the other day. $77.00 later and only 5 items, most of what I’d ordered, was up-scaled in price as it wasn’t available….in a huge mega store, you don’t have one item? five times over?Really? It took me two and a half hours to complete and it didn’t go through three times. I wasn’t impressed and won’t try shopping there again. Too exhausting. Still since I can’t get around to shops, I rely on family to do my shopping for the most part. Sigh.


    • Well, that’s a problem we don’t have since no local stores deliver. Well, there is one but they are so ridiculously over-priced, I never shop there anyway.

      But it can be exhausting, I agree. Because there are so many choices, sometimes even for exactly the same item, to you wind up spending a huge amount of time trying to figuring out if this is the same as that and do they both work the same way … and maybe there’s another better deal if I keep looking

      On the up side, at least I don’t have to try to find what I’m looking for in the shops which seem to think switching everything around makes people buy more. It makes me want to run screaming OUT of the store.


  5. We started our new dog on Simparica TRIO. It’s a heartworm, flea, and tick chewable tablet that she loves and we got it at 1800PetMeds.


  6. Collars? I have odorless ones that seem to work. They are expensive but last for a year and I’ve never seen a flea on any of my cats or dogs.. except the puppy, whom I have not yet collared.


    • I know. I used them and for one season, they worked, but the next year, Duke kept clawing it off until we couldn’t get it back on. He didn’t LIKE it. He’s picky!

      I switched to Advantix. But the level of poisons in Advantix worried me. THIS year, I’m trying Frontline Plus and I really hope it works. I think this will be a bad year for ticks and fleas. It’s still chilly, but there are bugs everywhere. So much rain!

      If it doesn’t rain, you worry that the well won’t work. If it DOES rain, BUGS. You’ve lived in the north, so you know how bad it can get on a wet spring and summer. People who’ve never lived in the north don’t realize that in places like this, the insects like to make up for lost time by laying millions of extra eggs. Summer may be short, but oh those flying jaws! Right now, we have those little gnat thingies out and they whirl around your head in a cloud.

      Anyway, I hope the Frontline works. I’m beginning to run out of options and the Duke is a very itchy dog.


      • We call those little gnat things bobos and have them by the millions. They are attracted to light and therefore white and yellow and other light colors…If we are walking they always swarm around the people wearing white! And they love the pool. They don’t bite but can be very annoying.

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