CBWC: All Things on a Farm

I have a lot of farm pictures. It was hard to pick out the best ones so I went with my favorites.

Local goats
Fencing in the cows
Photo: Garry Armstrong
A time to reap
Black & White

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  1. Love the action of the horse’s tail. Great shots 👍🏼


    • Thank you. That was what I like too. Garry is much better at getting action in a shot than I am. He’s faster at hitting the shutter and less worried about “perfect framing.”

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      • Good combination you both are 👍🏼


        • We work together pretty well. I think mostly we trust each other’s strong points. He know if I am editing something he wrote, I won’t mutilate it and I know if he’s giving me fashion advice (he’s very good at it, too) he is figuring how I’ll look on a camera. He takes pictures, I process them. He writes, I edit. He’s great on a moving picture, I’m fine with stills. We sort of fill in each other’s “spaces.” So far, so good.

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          • I am happy for you. Ot many people have that creative compatibility. My hubby takes good photos but only on his phone. We sometimes feed on each other’s strong points as well. I guess you and me both are lucky 😀👌


  2. These are terrific farm photos. Garry love your horse photo 😀


  3. Simply stunning B&W photography. I went on a bit of a drive this morning with Ziggy, and saw so many interesting things to photograph! I’ve GOT to dust off the camera and figure out how to hook it up to this new tower…I missed the following: A peacock with his tail fully spread (there’s a place up the road about a mile or so who apparently breeds peacocks. They have an albino one that is so stunning!); three or so “original Pioneer homes” made of brick and mortar or stone and mortar. One of these has partially fallen to ruin and it would make a great subject for a black and white photo. Two different barns with interesting roof line and dimensions. Two “original Pioneer homes that have been maintained and are lived in.” One church or reception center of that interesting stone and mortar build. So much to see in the Spring isn’t there? Thanks for sharing yours! 🙂


    • Why do you need to hook the camera to the computer? I just use little widgets that read SD cards. I’ve never attached a camera to my computer. If you aren’t sure what I mean, I’ll send you more information. It’s cheap and simple. No hooking anything to anything else. I actually would have no idea how to attach my camera to my computer except maybe to charge the battery.

      It sounds like you have some great places to shoot. Old falling down buildings make great black and white photos. The older and more falling down they are, the more interesting they are to shoot.

      I have never seen a peacock live. We have a lot of horses, some cows — though not as many as we used to have — and a surprisingly large number of goats and many MANY chickens. The chickens are fun to chat with but surprisingly difficult to get a good picture of them.

      All the falling down barns I used to photograph have been repaired. Apparently barns are too expensive to allow them to fall apart. We have a couple of them right around the corner built in the early 1700s that look downright new. I’m sure there has been major restoration, but it was more than 22 years ago because they looked great back then, too.


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