FOTD – April 29 – The Garden Outside

First, I am here to announce to the world that we have a tulip! One tulip 🌷 Yellow. Right in the middle of the garden. It doesn’t look much like a garden yet. Needs a clean up. Which it will get if the weather warms up and I’m able to do it. I hope I can.

One yellow Tulip

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7 replies

  1. Great color combinations!


    • Spring is our most yellow season. Almost all the wildflowers — except Spiderwort (blue), Solomen’s Seal (white) and violets (violet) — are yellow. Maybe Earth feels we need something bright after the long, gray winter πŸ™‚ The wild strawberries probably were wild — once — but we bought them at a nursery and they have multiplied over time. They produce tiny, sweet little strawberries that get eaten by everyone but us.


  2. Gorgeous. All the more for being a single.


    • I was thrilled we still have ONE. Last year, we didn’t see any, but there must have been a bulb hiding under the leaves. Although we cleaned up in the fall, there’s always rubble in the spring. The last leaves don’t fall until after Thanksgiving when the yard and garden cleaners have already packed up for the season.


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