FOTD – May 1 – Buds

Outside, if it isn’t flowering, it’s not budding… yet. It’s a bit late, but it has been dropping to freezing at night, even though it warms up (usually) (but not today) during the day. We’ve got lots of shoots. Day lilies, the hydrangeas, roses, a few things whose names I’ve temporarily forgotten.

Fat bud ready to open
Miniature Orchid buds
Pink Rhododendron buds will become completely white flowers

I think the Rhododendrons will bloom next. I’m sure the roses are budding, but they are tiny roses and the buds are so small, I never see them until they flower.

Orchid buds blooming and ready
Rhododendron buds start pink, but bloom white

I’ll have to make another trip outside now that I’ve pretty much recovered from my most recent COVID booster. I’d like to think it’s my last booster, but I have a funny feeling that it isn’t the last. Does anyone beside me feel like a pin cushion?

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  1. Beautiful buds, Marilyn! I was going to get my booster when I came down with Covid. I bet you do feel like a pin cushion. I still feel weak and have a lingering cough. But I’m winning!


    • I’m glad you are winning. I’ve already got so many breathing issues I’m terrified of anything that might make it worse. I’m out of booster and vaccinations so until they invent something else, we’re on our own. I keep hoping this will really go away, but these variations keep coming around and even those of us who are vaccinated get sick. Maybe it will never end.

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      • Thank you 😊. It’s such a crazy virus with so many mutations I’m not for sure what to think anymore. Just like a yearly flu shot, they might as well just call this a Covid “shot” (we’ll keep giving you shots until we think you are vaccinated? Shouldn’t vaccines really just be one and done or a few and done? It just keeps changing.


        • That is the thing about the whole COVID virus — set of viruses, really. They change every year. We get a flu shot every year, but some years, it isn’t the right shot. They don’t know until people start getting sick what exactly IS coming around — and why they have to reformulate it every year. Remember, our current versions of flu are the memories of the 1918 – 1921 flu epidemic which killed more people than covid — and STILL kills a lot of people.

          COVID is a slippery bugger. If it were less lethal, I’d give up. But I’d probably be giving up on life, too.

          COVID is constantly morphing. That’s the nature of COVID past, present, and no doubt, future.

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