Last on the Card – April 2022

I suppose I was lucky. Usually, I forget everything almost immediately, but since I took these very last yesterday and didn’t get around to processing them until now, they were waiting for me. There are two: one from my OMD EM5 (original) with a 60mm Olympus macro lens. I got lucky — or maybe we all did — because I was trying out my mini tripod.

So my answer is that the mini tripod with flexible legs is a very useful tool, but spend a few more dollars and get a better one than I bought. This one might fine for using with an iPhone or other phone, but even my smallest Olympus OMD with a minimal lens was very wobbly. It did help keep the camera steady if I added just a finger to keep the camera from flopping forward.

I could see where it would be very useful for tabletop shooting, especially if you get a remote shutter for it. This one, though doesn’t have a head with a long enough screw to hold a real camera. Maybe a little pocket camera would work. Owen thinks it would work with his Olympus tough camera which is very small and light. And doesn’t mind falling off the tripod.

The other was from when I was randomly taking pictures of the Duke at his favorite window.

My favorite model just happened to be available

If I were using this or one of the other two nearly identical shots, all I’d want to do is minimal cropping and straightening on the right. Otherwise, it’s a picture I’ve taken so many times I can pretty much take them in my sleep.

That’s it for April. Today — the first of May — it is warm and sunny. Suddenly the woods are full of fuzzy pink leaves on the maples. Even the oaks are looking ready to make new leaves.

Maybe winter is finally over. Welcome spring!

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  1. Wonderful Last Photos Marilyn. Love Duke at the window. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂


  2. what breed of dog do you have? Happy may 1st to you 1st day of summer! Yay! At least I think it is? I always consider may to be the start of summer, even if the june solstace is actually the real start of summer!


    • Technically, June first is the start of meteorological summer, but the 20-22 is the solstice, whenever whoever calculates those things decides it is. I figure summer is when WE think it is — and I can switch from socks and shoes to sandals.

      As for El Duque, the Duke of Uxbridge, he’s an Asian something-or-other. I think there some Shih-Tzu in there and possibly some Boston Terrier. But he has that squashy face and the up-tilted fluffy tail — AND when he isn’t clipped (which he is right now), he’s triple-coated.

      Everyone thinks he must be something, but I think maybe he is everything.

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      • He sounds adorable 🙂 I love dogs all kinds 🙂


        • He LOOKS like a breed. I’ve wondered what, but all we can do is a best guess. It’s not standard American stuff. I think either Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso plus something a bit bigger and brawnier — possibly Boston Terrier. He’s a pretty big, sturdy boy and clipped down as he is now, he looks like a pit bull with a big fluffy tail and a weird squashed face.


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