Well, now! These questions are so interesting and entertaining, it will probably take me the entire day to answer them. I may not get through all of them, only by dint of volume but I’ll give it my best try. Really great questions!



What constitutes a sandwich in your opinion? Is it only the two slices of bread, filling (including spreads or meats and cheeses and veggies), put together in a stack?

There are a lot of opinions on this. Weight Watchers, for example, believes anything stuffed between two other more or less identical things — like lettuce — is a sandwich. I don’t think so. It isn’t that you can’t eat something between other things you can lay flat and convince to hold something edible. It’s just not a sandwich.

John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich in 1762. It was a noble beginning for the sandwich. When that 4th Earl of Sandwich®, invented the meal that changed dining forever, he was playing cards. He did not want to get up to eat. Since then, sandwiches have risen to levels of elegance and artistry I’m sure the Earl never imagined.

But the thing is, the entire idea was putting food between slices of BREAD. You can stuff anything into anything else. It might be delicious or disgusting — but without the bread? It ain’t a sandwich.

Marilyn of Serendipity 

Are ‘strong’ and ‘tough’ in regard to character the same thing or different?   Please explain your reasoning for either side you pick.

I know it’s my question, but I didn’t have an answer when I suggested it and I still don’t. When we talk about “life,” we frequently use both of these words to describe a perception of ourself or someone else. We assume that strong people are tough and tough people are strong. I’ve known a lot of tough people who fall apart under stress while other quiet people exhibit a strength no one suspected.

I’m sure we can be both. I think now, I probably am both. For years, I looked tough and was a tub of messy emotions below the skin. I acted tough, but I remained hyper sensitive, overly emotional. And I cried a lot.

Sometime in the past five or six years, I’ve finally lost the hyper sensitivity. I only cry about pets and dying friends. I think these past few years have been so battering, if you survived them, you are probably a lot tougher than you ever thought you’d be. Does that translate to strong? Maybe. I hope so. Because the older you get, the more you need that strength.

I hope you get stronger with age and tougher, too. This whole aging thing is not for the faint of heart.

Paula Light of Light Motifs II  (4-5-2022)

What’s your opinion on RSVPs? Obviously, formal occasions require them, but what about invitations to dinner/movies and the like? If a friend invites you to something, are you obligated to reply? What if you say yes and change your mind? How much notice is enough? Is it OK to simply no-show to a casual social event you’ve already agreed to?   

Do you respect your friends? Do you think not responding to an invitation is the kind of thing you do to friends? If that’s how you treat them, do you still have friends?

How would you feel if you planned to go out for lunch or maybe shopping with a friend and they just didn’t show? No call. Nothing.

Or you are expecting them for an overnighter and they call an hour before to say “something else came up”? Not that they aren’t feeling well or got called into work — something that at least is not an insult. To me that means he/she/they got a better offer.

We have family members who never give you a yes or no about holiday plans because they are waiting to see if they’ll get a better offer. I’ve completely lost patience with it. I’m not your fallback position.

This is really about manners. Being polite. Civil. Respectful. A “no show” is never okay, no matter how casual the plans are. By now, almost everyone has a cell phone. If you can’t make it, have the courtesy to call. If you think that’s too much effort? You aren’t a friend.

How much time is enough? Enough time to make other arrangements. Enough time to not cook food for four when just two will be eating.

Sadje: (4-5-2022) 

Do you think Hell has walls?

If there is a hell, why would it need walls? That would imply you get privacy in Hell. I would think the absolute lack of privacy would make Hell even more Hellish. Torture is bad enough, but public torture? Oy vay.

A Unique Title For Me (Jim)  (4-5-2022) 

What would you name your boat if you had one?

I named her “Gwaihir” after the Wind Lord Eagle in “Lord of the Rings.” It was a very big name for a very small sailboat.

What will finally break the internet?

WordPress. One day they’ll “fix” the software and a gazillion blogs will explode all over the virtual universe.

If you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name?

At this point? Having just having gone through the process of proving who I am so that I can have a driver’s license that will also be an “official ID”? I think anyone changing his or her name in this country would be crazy.

Maybe just a first name. I favor the name “Spike.” How about Spike Armstrong, blogger?

What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults? If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

Any sentence that starts with “Bless you” (and isn’t a blessing) or “let me be brutally frank” which is inevitably brutal without being frank. I do know a really rude guy named Frank, so maybe it is personal.

In my late 20s I needed friends who could tell me who I was — to them. So much had happened to me in a very short time, I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. The responses were both flattering and jarring. It wasn’t looking something to fix me, but more to figure out how I was “coming across” to others. Sometimes, the only way you can get that information is to hope that people who care about you will tell you how they see you. Being honest — without the brutality.

It’s like people you see on television wearing clothing that is obviously very expensive, but doesn’t fit properly. You wonder if these people lack friends who feel safe saying: “(Fill in name), your suit is too tight. It’s a terrible color for you, it’s wrinkling between your shoulder blades, and your pants are too short.” If people are afraid to tell you, you have an even bigger problem.

Marilyn (4-5-2022)  

How many bloggers are trying to balance the likelihood that WordPress will hike prices against the near certainty that their computers are ready to roll over and die?

I bought the computer because although I was sure my computer was almost new, it turned out to be just under seven years old and had been heavily used for every one of those years.

As for WordPress, I know I’ve got a year before I’ll have to pay WordPress again. I’m pretty sure by then, it’ll be “kiss of death” time. I’ll have to see where my head is at.

Although it was close to a bankrupting experience, I love my new computer. I had not realized how many things had gone wrong with the old one until I got one that actually works. Not only does it run beautifully (and fast), it’s a featherweight. I can pick it up and carry it anywhere in one hand. The battery lasts a long time, too.

Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove (4-28-2022 – from her amazing “Cyranny’s Quickie” series)   

What’s the most impressive, or oddest thing you’ve ever fixed with duct tape (or something similar)?

It has been a pretty long time since I had any duct tape, but there was a time when it repaired a sofa, sort of mended a leather wingback chair, kept tall plants from blowing over in the wind (in pots — not growing in the ground).

It has been a really long time. I think we’ve moved forward into more permanent repairs. You can’t can’t fix your home with duct tape no matter what anyone says. You can always try and see how it works out.


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  1. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World and getting through what admittedly was a long question list! 🙂 I especially enjoyed “if people are afraid to tell you, you have a lot bigger problem than ill fitting clothing”. I never knew this until last year, but I’m one of that sort who people are afraid to telling ‘bad’ news to. I don’t know why precisely, but I’ve got a partial reason now and that’ll have to do. I now make it firmly known that I’m not going to bite *insert kindly person offering helpful advice not criticism* head off and then chew them to pieces. I never thought I did that anyway, but I guess I do. I just got a GREAT question for next week and I’m going to credit you with the inspiration for it! Lovely answers, so thoughtful and well done! Have a great week!


    • What struck both Garry and I — probably more Garry than I because is SO nit picky about how he dresses — that surely SOMEONE would tell them that the suit doesn’t fit. I mean — these people are spending huge amounts of money on their clothing and it looks AWFUL. So my guess is no one feels comfortable telling them the truth. I think that really IS one of the main things friends are for. I mean, where ELSE are you going to get truth? If you are going to get it, it might as well come from a friend. Garry is a great advice giver. He not only tells you what he thinks, but explains why. He’s usually right, but I can be a bit hard-edged and snappish too.

      I thinks it’s the result of growing up with a lot of baggage. It makes us defensive.


  2. I hope that I am not around on the day that a gazillion blogs end up exploding the internet, but it is probably inevitable.

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    • I’m pretty sure that at some point, some major provider — like Amazon — will overload their servers and everything will go dark. That almost happened on 9/11. Since then, the overload is SOOO much bigger. I’m sure I’m not the only one noticing that email is getting slower and sometimes, when it’s coming from overseas, it can take a couple of days to finally land in your mailbox. I get HUNDREDS of junk emails every day. Spam and endless repeats of news items — over and over and over again. I don’t know if they figure that if they keep sending us the same information, we’re bound to eventually read it because that’s not what’s happening around here. Eventually, I just cancel the subscription.


  3. HI Marilyn, I agree with you about RSVPing, especially when it comes to family. I have this same problem and now I just don’t want to host my sisters any more. It is very upsetting when you spend a day cooking and people cancel at the last minute or just don’t pitch. I wanted to be called Antoinette when I was 10 and I wanted to be a ballerina. When I was seven I wanted to be a Native American princess called Princess Peach Blossom.


    • I went through the ballerina period about the same age, but my natural lack of grace made it a very short-lived dream. I wanted to a Native American anything, but I had to settle for owning a lot of turquoise jewelry.

      As for RSVPing — I’ve given up on my granddaughter and her mother. Even if they say yes, it’s only 50-50 that they will actually show up. It’s very frustrating, especially when you have a very small family anyway.


  4. Totally agree with your RSVP reply! It is about courtesy and consideration for others 🙂


    • Garry used to be really awful about calling — and he had a cell long before the rest of the world had one. I was ready to divorce him if he didn’t get it through his head that if you are going to be VERY late, CALL. He got it.

      These days, there’s no excuse for not calling ahead or, for that matter, not bothering to cancel a social arrangement. Courtesy and consideration seem to have fled along with intelligence and commonsense. Something is SO wrong in our world and it’s not ONLY manners. It’s everything.

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