I figured if I could manage a squirrel, I could probably do a chipmunk. There are lots of imperfections, but I’m not trying for perfection. If I do that, I’ll never be happy with anything. So this little guy is a bit hump-backed. Regardless, he is a chipmunk. No doubt about it. He doesn’t look like either Chip or Dale, though he might resemble them more when I begin trying to change him into a character.

This time, I tried to tread more lightly with color. I’ve been trying to make pencil look like paint. If that’s the look I want, I probably should wrap my head around actually painting and stop messing around with pencils.

So, this looks more like a pencil sketch. Also, this particular set of pencils, called “Van Gogh,” has a perfect set of colors for the furry folks. Lots of shades of brown, green. gray, and ochre with a few yellows, reds, and blues. I don’t think Van Gogh’s colors look anything like these, but they are perfect for me and are oil, not wax.

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  1. And of course the beautiful pup!


  2. Awesome job! He’s so cute! I love the colors and his eyes 👀!


  3. Well done and cute to boot


  4. Aww, this is so cute.


  5. Your chipmunk is very cute.


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