I needed a few flowers, so I drew some. But I think it’s going to bloom outside very soon. The trees are all fuzzy with buds and last I looked, there were tons of shoots of daylilies, Solomon’s Seal, Columbine, and spiderwort growing furiously.

I meant to draw these a while back, but got hung up on rodents
Tis the season of columbine
Something about this little guy’s eyes have an evil cast to them. I kept trying to make him look less wicked, but I failed. He must be the story’s bad rodent!

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6 replies

  1. Love the vibrant flowers


    • Thank you! For once, the colors are pretty close to the actual color of the flowers. It’s hard for me to get that color blue in the spiderwort. It always comes out magenta, even though visibly, it deep blue. There must be a secondary color underneath the blue that the camera sees, but we don’t.


  2. Very good with vibrant colors


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