In every relationship, there comes a moment when you realize the moment has come. You can stop holding your stomach in. You don’t need makeup unless you’re going out. A tee-shirt and sweatpants are okay. You can relax and just be you. Remember how that felt? What a relief!

Then there’s the day you give up trying to remodel your family and friends. It feels exactly like that. One day, you have a revelation. Other people aren’t projects. You can’t fix them. Moreover, they don’t want to be fixed because they don’t think they’re broken. Wow! Who’d have guessed it?

Remarkably, despite your decision to stop trying to steer the world, it keeps spinning. It turns out we never had any control over anyone but ourselves and not a lot of control over that, either.

Welcome to live and let live.

It’s a refreshing change from endlessly and hopelessly trying to change everything. Given what a mess our world is in, fixing it isn’t up to you.

I wish I could fix it. I sometimes dream about fixing something big, something important that will make a real difference. Then, I look at this aging white-haired old lady in the mirror and all I can do is laugh. I can’t breathe because the pollen is trying to kill me. Fix the world? How about finding a way to afford a better inhaler?

So the choice is I can obsess over the madness surrounding us or I can live while hoping humanity somehow gets its act together. Sooner rather than later would be great. Regardless, I won’t be the one everyone is looking at for answers. That’s the biggest relief of all.

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  1. The gold finch are beautiful. Good job! Now, could I order an xlarge t-shirt with ‘live and let live,’ please. 🙂 I limit my exposure to what they call the news because really it is social media on tv – people and their opinions. I’m also too old to do anything about it, and I refuse to have my days ruined because of trying or worrying about it. I’ll leave it to the younger folks and enjoy working outside or reading a good book.


  2. I think live and let live is an excellent motto


  3. HI Marilyn, you always manage to make me smile. I have worn a little makeup every day for the entire 21 years of my marriage. I wear it for myself more than for my husband. We can all make a little difference by being kind and considerate to others and to our natural environment. It is better than nothing and I know you do this.


    • It’s what I can do. I stopped using makeup because mostly, it got in my eyes and made them itch … and Garry really doesn’t care. He likes when I dress up and we go out, but otherwise? He lives in pajamas.

      I think the best most of us CAN do it take care of our own little piece of planet Earth and hope something happens that changes everything. Maybe there really ARE multiverses and somewhere, on another plane of existence, the world is better.

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  4. Er, MOST won’t be looking to you for answers. I still might time and again. Why? Because it’s refreshing to drink at the fountain of common sense and wisdom now and again.


    • I’m still the family fixer of small things, but slowly even that is fading. I’m not strong and don’t have much endurance. Whatever I had to give, I gave. I’m not giving up, but I’m not GETTING old. I AM old. If I spend the rest of my life brooding over the horrors going on here and in the rest of the world, how does that benefit anyone? The bad guys don’t care. I’m not even a speck of dust in their world. If I don’t live now, I don’t have a long future ahead of me.

      I’m appalled at what has happened here and elsewhere, but I know I can’t do much about it. So I try to care for this little patch of earth I call home and hope others are doing the same. Maybe if everyone does a little something, it will matter. We live in hope.


  5. Unfortunately, one of the two major American political parties, the one on the right, doesn’t embrace “live and let live.” It’s more of a “live as I tell you how to live, especially if you’re not a white, Christian male born in America.”

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    • I know. Oh how well I know. I vote. Sometimes, I write though I think I’m singing to the choir. But my time came and went. I do what I can in my own small way to live a greener life and care for this little piece of the planet. I follow the issues, just in case something comes up where I really CAN make a difference..

      I’m not going to fix those corrupt, evil bastards who are trying to destroy the place they pledged to protect. I don’t know what will fix them. I sure hope something happens that will brush them into the dust heap. Meanwhile though, I want to enjoy my life. If I spend it obsessing over Those Old White Guys, they win.

      They don’t CARE that I’m obsessing over them. The only one I’m hurting is me.

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  6. I love the goldfinch pair! Yes, I don’t have answers on how to fix the world either. What’s nice is to admit it and read others doing so too as opposed to the “loudmouths” online who would tell everyone else how to live 😦

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    • If I thought I saw a way that might work, I’d be loud-mouthing it too, but I don’t. I think we each have to do the best we can to take care of ourselves and our little corner of the earth. I still think if EVERYONE did their best, we might actually make a difference, but most people are so discouraged, they’ve given up trying.

      Reality screams: “Lady, you’re 75. Live while you can!”

      So I feed the birds and other creatures of the woods. I make small contributions because I don’t have much to give. I try to use less plastic, recycle as much as I can and hope something happens that really makes a meaningful change. Honestly, I don’t see what else I CAN do except worry myself into an earlier grave.

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