This is the way it always happens. All through April, you watch spring happen in the rest of the northern hemisphere and feel deep envy for cherry blossoms and fresh new leaves and blooming gardens. But in New England, you wait. Wait. Wait. The months move along and it’s May. Spring is now just a breath and a day of warm sunshine away.

Garry had to pick up a prescription and that meant he’d have to pass the river and the dam, so I grabbed my camera and came along. We stopped at the Mumford dam and shot — well — it turns out more than 300 pictures. I need to do some serious deleting. It was such a beautiful day. Sunny and windy, but finally warm. We’ve had high winds for almost a week and finally took down a couple of feeders which looked likely to blow away.

After we finish our current seeds, I will have to stop feeding our beautiful birds until the end of summer. The price of everything has gone up and the cost of feeding the birds jumped from around $50/month to more than $100. We also have a lot more birds than we had, too. They are beautiful and I will miss them, but a few months of not having to buy seeds for them will help and maybe the prices will start to go down.

The price of everything has gone up except the money we get monthly. That has been the same for more than a decade. We can’t eat less and something has to give. So at least for the summer, our birds will have to remember how to find food on their own. There’s plenty out there for them and I will start feeding them at the end of August when migration time comes. I wish I didn’t have to do it, but reality bites.

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  1. Those tulip shots are prize worthy! Gorgeous. The price tag for bird seed is pretty darn high, and I’m sure they will do fine although you will miss them up close and personal. I don’t feed the birds for several reasons but mostly because I grow fruit, and I don’t want to unnecessarily pull them into the yard. They seem to find it without any attractions. Enjoy this lovely weather.


    • In the winter, I think they need the food, but right now it’s hard to believe they can’t manage on their own. I will miss them. They are beautiful and we have a bunch of birds now I never knew lived around here. The loss of our neighbor has brought them to our feeders.

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  2. how beautiful, marilyn –


  3. Beautiful shots of the tulips & rhodies, Marilyn 👏 We’re the same, leaving the birds & squirrels to fend for themselves over summer, with the cost of feed increasing so much 😩


    • Because we inherited our neighbors bird families, the number of birds we are feeding has skyrocketed –and prices for seeds have more than doubled. With the increased bird population, what was a month or more of seed now barely last three weeks AND prices have more than doubled. At least a few months break will help. I feel bad about it and I will miss all my best photo opportunities.

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      • It is a shame but there should be an abundance of natural food for our feathered friends during the summer months; I expect they’ll adapt easily, nature always does 😃


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