We went to the dam to take a few pictures. More than 300 photographs later, we came home. Marilyn is still working on them, but here are some of mine. It was great being able to be outside without freezing rain or sleet or hail. We deserved spring and so far, we’ve had three full days of it! This might be a record!

And just a few more…

Sometimes by the time spring actually arrives, we have almost given up hope. This year, it came exactly on time and has stayed for three whole days and maybe it will be four or five! That could be a record.

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  1. Great takes! Isn’t spring a wonderful season, I’m only shocked to learn that it is so late in your neck of the woods. We had a v.early one, only to be followed by a new wintery attempt, cold weather, horrible wind- and rain storms, and now again we’re on our 3rd day of beautiful conditions once more.
    Enjoy every moment of it 🌼


  2. We on the other hand seem to be having a very long spring. It started in early March with some unseasonably warm weather, almost disappeared for a week or so in late April when it turned cold again (but very dry) and now it feels like we’re having a second spring 🙂

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  3. Lovely photos.

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