FOTD – May 12 – Mother’s day a few days late

Owen had planned this for Mother’s Day but having just bought us a television, he was out of money. So — he got his paycheck and today was a triple whammy of a day. We got our new windows and Owen bought hanging flowers and plants for the flower boxes.

I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of the two new hummingbird feeders. I also gave up on the flat feeders. We moved them so they don’t hang over the deck, but now the squirrels can’t get a solid place to jump out of the feeder, so they knock them over. The feed winds up on the ground.

We put food down there anyway, but we confine it to the stuff the big birds who prefer eating on the ground like plus, of course, the squirrels and chipmunks. Corn and black sunflower seeds mostly. Dumping that much food is a rather expensive waste of money.

I said: “We could put up hummingbird feeders. They don’t need seeds.”

Owen said: “You’re right. It’s just sugar and water.”

I said: “We had a couple of hummingbirds hovering this morning looking for food, but there wasn’t anything they could eat.”

Owen said: “I love hummingbirds!”

So now we have two hummingbird feeders where the flat feeders were. We also had a few extra hooks, so all the wind chimes that were in the house and never chimed are now outside, ringing merrily in the not-so-gentle breezes. We will, for now, continue to throw corn and sunflower seeds down and if I can find some really cheap white millet seeds which are the doves favorite food, I will throw that down for them. They are not clinging birds. They can’t use the feeders. Actually, quite a few birds much prefer eating off the ground. Doves, Blue Jays, Juncos and more all prefer the ground to any feeder. Come winter, we will probably have to rethink this.

This was taken about 2 hours before Owen came home with all the flowers. The door on the left has screens. I can only shoot on the right. Owen says after the orchids are finished blooming (one more to go), we’ll move the table and he can take off the other screen. We never open those doors because the Duke would see a squirrel and go right through the screen. Too complicated?

The hummingbirds found the feeders this afternoon and were already enjoying the sugar syrup. My current problem are screens. Everywhere I thought I’d be able to shoot has a screen and it is really hard right now to shoot through the French door. The plants have done so well they are blocking most of the places I normally shoot.

Too much of a good thing?

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  1. Beautiful flowers for today 😀


  2. Beautiful flowers.


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