We bought them in January and it took until today to get completed and installed. Oh my, what a difference! It’s not that they are bigger — except in the living room where the design has much narrower framing. Otherwise, there is actually a bit less glass and more frame. The big difference is the frames are white, not dark walnut. It makes the room look much brighter. All the windows have screens, We finally have cross-ventilation.

We worked with NuPro based partly on recommendations and partly on their presentation. These looked like well-built windows. Of the 14 windows in this house, we have now replaced nine. The rest will have to await the arrival of money not allocated elsewhere.

Here’s the finished living room window, the one window in the house I wanted replaced because I really disliked those windows.

I don’t use curtains except as a decoration across the top of the window to cover the top of the blind and lend a little softness to the window. It isn’t actually a curtain, either. These are two saris and a couple of my own scarves which I haven’t worn in a long time.

The got here an hour early — 7 rather than 8. I was lucky I’d gotten up early. They were finished by noon. Efficient, polite, helpful, and thoroughly professional.

We now have windows that open with actual screens. Will wonders never cease!

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  1. Woohoo! looking good… and the screens are just in time for summer!
    I used saris some years back for “curtains” – in that particular home, I also used them as decoration … so billowy and pretty. But our current abode gets too much sun and requires some blackout curtains to keep the heat out. So no pretty curtains for now.

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  2. That’s cool. Enjoy

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  3. The window men arrived an hour EARLY and did a THOROUGH job. It’s a MIRACLE!

    They are so CLEAN. Duke will soon leave his imprints. It’s the current version of — ‘KILROY WAS HERE’.


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