Now that I’m home, I redid all these photographs to a reduced size so I don’t eat all my space. This chapel cum concert hall is unique in that it beautifully mimics a Gothic cathedral, yet it’s modern. It has those beautiful acoustics, but it’s smaller. The perfect size for a perfect concert.

The concert was beautiful. Dr. Armstrong — Garry’s youngest brother — has magic in how he teaches students to use their voices. The concert makes you feel as if you are cocooned in music. It’s a delicious experience.

Even more amazing is that he has managed to teach them to sing with masks on. They are not specially designed. They are normal N95 masks — and the singing is as amazing as ever. He said they didn’t need to sing louder. Their voices came through fine, but they needed to improve their “speech” so the words -could be heard.

The link for this past spring concert isn’t yet available, but should be soon.

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  1. If the music was as impressive as the locale it must have been great.
    Nice going.


  2. Beautiful, Marilyn… Thanks for sharing.


  3. Very beautiful indeed, I’m glad you managed to share these photos 🙂 I’m guessing the concert was worth the hassle of flying?

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  4. If the music was even only half as beautiful as this venue is, it was exceptional! Wish you cd offer us a snatch of it! 🎵❤

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  5. It is a very beautiful chapel a d you’ve captured it wonderfully

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  6. Very impressive.

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