FOTD – May 18 – Spring in Northfield, Minnesota

I wish I’d had time to get some pictures of St. Olaf’s campus, but at least we got some pictures of town and the river.

A look up and down Main Street and the river that run through town. Kind of reminds me of home!

Shadows on a sunny day – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong
Photo: Garry Armstrong
Fence and walk by the river – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong

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  1. It does look very pleasant.


    • It is. It’s a little more built up than I like it, but it has everything you need in walking distance which I envy. It’s very hard to get around here. And they have culture. Music — LOTS of music. Even a museum. Very nice. Of course, they make OUR winter look easy.

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  2. Beautiful photo Marilyn ;D


  3. good to see Northfield again, spruced up for spring (Carleton class of 77 myself)


    • Ah, St. Olaf’s twin 😀 They were having a lot of activity too over the weekend. Proms (several), a couple of weddings, some admin meetings (money people I’m guessing) — and St. Olaf’s was having three concerts and more. Every room in town was taken and there were kids wearing tuxedos and prom dresses just about everywhere. Lovely college town. River’s are overflowing, too and you probably know they’ve had a series of tornados very recently. Anton was a ’79 grad from St. Olaf.

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  4. A wonderful environment. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your day! xx Michael


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