Let’s have our beautiful Great Blue Herons take center stage. Many of these amazing birds make their home in this valley. They live in large groups who nest in trees near the rivers where they fish.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herons will stand as still as a marble statue watching for a fish to swim past. While they are in statue mode, they are easy to photograph. They aren’t especially shy, so unless you get very close or make a lot of noise, they will ignore you. They want fish. You are not a fish, so they have no interest in you.

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  1. Wonderful detail in the first two. How close were you?


    • About 1200 feet away — the opposite side of the river — but I had a really long, good, fast lens on that camera. That camera used to take pictures I couldn’t even see, but it saw them. It is a 25mm-600mm f2.8 Leica lens on a Panasonic “bridge” camera. I still have the camera. I really should unearth it and keep it handy. It’s not the best camera in other ways, but what a lens it has.


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