I think I’m going to redraw this guy so he looks like he’s standing guard. For one thing, they are really tall — 6 feet tall or more. Of course, their primary interest in life are fish. These great big birds are not going to show up at ones feeder, but if you have a koi pond, they might show up there. Koi probably look like a nice snack to a Great Blue.

These may be called Great Blue Herons, but they aren’t blue. They are grey which in the world of animals is often termed blue. I’m not sure why, but I had a grey and white English Setter and he was called “blue,” so why not a heron? I’m going to redraw him because I want to add a few things to the picture. I think he is going to guard my city of birds. He sure does stand straight and tall.

If you ever wondered why they think bird descended from dinosaurs, watching these birds take to the air makes the similarity obvious.

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  1. When they were living at Dana Point, my Great Blue friends would stand sentinel every evening, one atop the tallest tree as if to signal to the others where was home! They are such graceful birds, and their takeoff for flight is incredibly quiet and graceful!


    • They are very quiet birds. I actually don’t think I’ve ever heard them make a sound. They stand so still and straight — and a tree full of them is something amazing. All those huge birds nesting in a big tree. They aren’t afraid of us, either. As long as you don’t make noise or get too close — or mess with the fish! — they will stand there watching the water.


  2. Somehow it resembles Patricia from Adam’s family! 😹

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