I miss all the great moons here because I can never see the sky through the trees — even in the winter when the leaves are gone. The moon’s passage is across the southern part of our sky, exactly where the tall trees are. It was a real pleasure to be able to take pictures of the eclipsing moon. Just one problem: I really needed a tripod.

The red moon eclipse from Northfield, MN

I don’t generally like (or much use) tripods, though recently I’ve started using a mini in the house. I also have two full-sized tripods — a heavy one and a light one for travel. These days, though, traveling with a tripod is for the wealthy. Getting your luggage stowed costs money, even for a single bag and the overhead storage area is limited, especially now since to avoid those fees absolutely everyone is carrying everything with them.

You can see a second moon behind the first

So. There I was on the balcony in Northfield, Minnesota. I’d only brought two lenses — my 12-200mm and 25mm Olympus lenses. The 25mm is very fast, but not long enough to get anything substantial. The 12-200mm is a fantastic lens, but it’s not fast. Still, I wasn’t going to miss this rare opportunity to get some pictures of the red moon in eclipse.

It looks like a sock with a red ball in the end and of course, there’s the doubling

The pictures came out very interestingly. I see that other people got the same kind of pictures. I think the long white follow-through is a combination of the motion of the moon and the photographer trying to hold a camera steady enough to get sharp pictures of a moon in transition — at night. You’d need much steadier hands than I’ve got to make that work.

I deleted some of the really weird shots and these are the ones that at least show the moon. Several pictures show the moon more than once.

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  1. Missed it in AZ too

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    • Apparently we were in one of the few places it wasn’t cloudy. Owen said you couldn’t see anything here and they couldn’t see anything in England, either. It was one of those times a tripod would have been great, but of course, it was at home and I was not.

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      • Marilyn, I know you wanted “sticks” for the moon shots but your pictures are really terrific.

        ‘Bad Moon Rising”, “There’s a Moon Out Tonight”, “Moon River”, “Moonglow” – on and on.


  2. Just a thought Marilyn.
    I use a bean bag as my rest.
    Setup on that, switch on the timer, let go checking on the screen that nothing has moved , and a few seconds later “click” and no shaky hands.
    Camera and beanie go back in the camera bag.

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    • I was on Garry’s brother’s balcony and there wasn’t a table or anything on it (very small). Even had he had such an item in the house, I wouldn’t put my camera on the edge of a balcony. Not with my complete lack of grace! I actually have two full-size tripods plus a mini — but I wasn’t home. I was a bout 1400 miles away from home, so I made do with what I had — the camera and lens. The problem is that the lens is slow — f4 at its lowest setting which is great for outdoors by day, but not really great for nights.

      The beanbag idea is great. I’m always trying to take pictures of flowers that hang very low. Even the mini tripod can’t get as flat as I need. But a beanbag might do it. Really good idea. Thank you!

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    • 247, great suggestion!

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  3. These pics look better than the real thing! The sock one looks more like the moon on the head of a lighted match. I only got to see the full eclipse phase since that was all that coincided with my 15 minute break that night… but it was weird seeing a dull orange globe in the night sky when normally a new moon isn’t out at night.

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    • Without the long lens, it was just about the size of a big nail head so you couldn’t see much unless you had something telescopic. I’ve seen a few other pictures that have same effect, so it must have something to do with movement — the moon and the human? I got quite a few shots, but most of them were too weird even for my peculiar sense of humor. One, I swear, looked like a giant white penis with a big red tip. I looked at it. Thought about it. I didn’t throw the picture away so I might yet find a use for it.

      That is the first eclipse I’ve seen since I was a child. I always miss them due to trees, clouds, or both. Or I forgot until it was (oops) over. At least you saw something. Most people didn’t see anything.

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  4. Cool pics. Can be used in a sci-fi movie

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