FOTD – May 19 – Lilacs and Rhododendrons

It was nasty, wet, and in the low 50s today. Saturday it is supposed to hit 100 degrees. It’s hard to believe that given how cold it was today that we will see a fifty degree change in 48 hours, but the weather has been strange everywhere, so why should we be different?

The rhododendrons are blooming with astounding energy. They don’t care about the weather. They know it’s spring and are doing what they should.

Our lilacs are blooming too, even though I was sure they were dead after another tree fell on them during the winter. Instead of dying, they are blooming like crazy. Apparently having a tree fall on them brought them back to life. It’s the first full bloom I’ve seen on that tree for at least ten years.

When it stops raining — hopefully tomorrow — I’ll got take pictures of our white azalea which is in its first full bloom in years too. In all the years we’ve lived here, some of these old plantings that were here before us have thrown a blossom once in a while, but not like this year. The rhododendrons when crazy last year and again this year, but this is a big year for the lilacs and the azaleas. The Solomon’s Seal is also in bloom and we have bunches of narcissus popping up all along the sides of the driveway. We didn’t plant them. They appeared like magic.

And finally, all the new flowers Owen planted on the deck look wonderful. The birds seem to have dropped an extra flower into the flowerboxes too. We don’t know what it is yet, so we are waiting to see what it becomes.

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  1. I was laughing as I was reading about your lilacs because mine is going nuts too!!..Blooms and that fabulous scent is everywhere. Usually it and the peony bush are at it together. But so far, the peonies are still being tickled by ants😀. Lovely post.



  2. what beauties!


  3. Lovely post today! Our rhododendrons are blooming like crazy too, but the lilac thought it best to focus on leaf production instead of flowers. I suppose it knows what it’s doing!


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