Two days ago is was nasty, cold, and I needed a sweater and wool socks. Today it was 98 degrees and we kept our windows closed and managed to keep the heat out.

But everything is blooming regardless of weather…

Yellow and orange lantana

Now that evening has come, it’s time to open the windows. I hope we have a cool night. Because by Monday, the heat will be gone and we will be back to 70 degree perfect spring weather — unless it turns cold. Which it might.

Climate change has not altered the wild ups and downs of New England weather, but it has definitely made our winters warmer. The ground doesn’t freeze so we have more bugs than before and bugs we’ve never had in this area. This is most unpleasant for people, pets, and plants. I go out to water the pots on the deck and I have to knock the bugs out of my hair when I go into the house. I can see them munching their way through the flowers in the pots and boxes.

Solomon’s Seal

The mosquitoes aren’t as bad as I expected, but those little gnats and May flies are twice as annoying as usual.

Red petunias ready for hummingbirds

Today was so hot that the Duke declined to come outside with me to the deck. He like snow, rain and all the miserable weather we avoid but heat? Not so fond of heat. Even with his coat shaved down for the summer.

Yellow begonias

Now that I officially have an infection, I can finally admit how crappy I feel. I’ve tested for COVID three times in the past month, but it didn’t cross my mind that I might have something other than COVID.

Things are not always as they seem. I need to remember that.

Cee’s Flower of the Day

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14 replies

  1. Feel better and take good care of you… ❤ xo


    • Thank you. I already feel better. Now, instead of hurting, my ears ITCH. I’m being very good and keeping my fingers out of my ears but wow, they really itch 😀 I think we call this an improvement!


  2. HI Marilyn, knocking bugs out of your hair doesn’t sound that pleasant. I am sorry to hear you are ill, get better quickly.


  3. Hope you feel better soon, bugs are the absolute worst and spoil up many a nice evening on the patio


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