It must be spring because the Columbine is blooming. We don’t have the fancy columbine I’ve seen in other people’s pictures.

Ours looks more like the wild version, though we planted it ourselves back in the early 2000s when we made out first garden. I love it because it’s sturdy and it spreads out around the garden. And it’s such a pretty color ranging from pink to deep magenta.

Tis the season of columbine

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  1. Beautiful columbines for today 😀 😀


  2. I have wild columbine that grow in my garden. I had never forgotten a film from the Gunlaw series with James Arness and Dennis Weaver as Chester. They were looking for a missing person and he saw columbine growing an said columbine always grow on a grave. he was of course right, and they found the dead body of the missing person – ok just TV, but I never forgot his lines. 🙂


    • You made me curious, so I looked up Columbine. It has a lot of history. In Europe (going back to the days of the Norse gods) and on this continent too. It doesn’t seem to be -associated with graves specifically, but it is used in New England to honor the war dead and It was also associated by the Norse with war and death. Also, if you eat it, you hallucinate which might have something to do with something, though I’m not sure exactly what. I had no idea it was an hallucinogen.

      Usually when they put something like that in a movie or TV show, it has some kind of “mythic” roots. I’d have to dig deeper if I wanted to find out more. But it is rather interesting. You have a long memory, too. I don’t remember much from my early television.

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      • I had a bit of a childhood-teenage crush on James Arness and was a keen Follower of Gunlaw and Gunsmoke. Perhaps Gary might remember it.


        • Garry does remember the show, though whether or not he remembers that specific episode, I don’t know. He’s such a fan of all westerns, those are exactly what he remembers. I will have to ask him.


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