Over the years, I’ve taken many pictures of swans until about four year ago, they disappeared. It was the end of a long, slow drought.

Our rivers ran dry. The fish died. I think the lack of water in the rivers and ponds forced them to move to an area with more water and food. Since last year when the rains came back, although I haven’t seen the swans yet, I think they’ll be back. As long as we keep getting rain, they will come back.

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  1. These are your best yet — II hope the birds do come back!


    • I haven’t been down to the pond recently, but we need to go and see. I hope they have returned. The pond should be deeper now. It was so shallow, there was nothing but mud. No food for those big birds. This year has been better. Not much rain in May, but we had a lot in March and April.


  2. These are beautiful, Marilyn.


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