Hard to believe that May is getting near its end. Every month, every year feels as if it went by quicker than before.

The weather has finally become springlike. Our very hot and humid weekend ended with a 23 degree drop and vastly lowered humidity. It’s downright comfortable!

Pink Lantana

Everything is blooming. There are fat buds on the daylilies. We have a few hundred shoots, so it should make a great show.


If you could be best friends with a celebrity, who would it be?

I married my favorite celebrity. There was a time when we were friends with celebrities, but the relationships didn’t last. We really didn’t have much in common and it got increasingly difficult to find something to talk about. The celebrity I married is more than enough celebrity for me.

What is, or should be, the main purpose of law?

Justice and the prevention of crime. We should be getting rid of guns that aren’t being used for hunting or some other reasonable purpose. But since that’s not going to happen? I’m not sure what the law is supposed to be doing.

Do you care about reviews?

You mean on my work or on things like movies and books in general?

I do read reviews sometimes, especially on audiobooks. I usually know if I’m interested in the book, but I want to know what people think of the narrator. A bad narrator can ruin a great book.

Is the ‘mind’ different from the ‘brain’? If so, in what ways?

I don’t think so. I suppose you could create distinctions, but whatever is in your in your “mind” popped out of your “brain.” Whatever you call it, it’s all coming from the same source. You can create distinctions, but it’s just you creating distinctions. I don’t think it means anything.

Overall how sunny is your nature? 

My mood used to be a lot better than it is these days. Now? Whatever optimism I’d hung on to has dribbled away. I have little fits of optimism, but overall? I’m not seeing a future. I feel like my world was stolen from me. Maybe it was never really there but now, it’s gone. I don’t see it coming back in my lifetime.

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  1. Our “spring” hadn’t sprung yet. It’s exceedingly late…last year the kids were kayaking in april as well as swimming. This year, it’s the end of May and it’s frigid..dang cold and no one is swimming yet. The flowers at least mine are growing but haven’t bloomed. This next few days is calling for rain. I have the feeling that summer will just arrive with a vengence. I’m hoping not because I don’t handle the heat well, so we’ll see.


    • We had those two hot days and today, it was in the low 60s. Which is real spring weather, but on the chilly side — especially since yesterday it was almost 100. Weird weird weather.


      • It is. We had sun but tonight it’s very cool. nearly cold.Last April everyone was kayaking. The girls went to the lake yesterday and nearly froze their tucas off lol. My Stargazer Lilly is growing nearly 3 feet tall now but no blooms. Wonder if its the cold weather.


  2. Thank you Marilyn for Sharing Your World. It is unfortunate indeed to have evidence that the world has changed and not for the better. Your point of view is shared by so many, including me. Yes, you’re living the dream…married to your favorite celebrity! I always wondered what famous folk got up to ‘behind closed doors’…did they have an ordinary life sprinkled with episodes of anxiety or tired of the public adoration and so forth? You’ve helped answer that to a degree because you and Garry have a wonderful life, even if it doesn’t seem so rosy now. Your perspective on mind/brain is a unique one, as everyone constructed a different spin on the concepts! Your photos are beautiful and amazing and I’m glad the glory of Spring touched your corner of America for a while! It’s so restoring (IMO) to just be in nature and let the beauty and peace saturate. There’s so little left of that kind of experience. Have a great week!


    • Unless you are super rich, which we obviously aren’t, life is just life. People assume that if you were at all famous, you must also be rich. Rumors have long circulated that Garry had a “golden parachute.” If only it were true! The world wouldn’t be better, but at least I’d know we could pay our bills on time.

      You have a great week too. It was such a long winter, we deserve at least some good weather!


  3. Agree on mind:brain and feeling meh…


  4. Lucky you both married to celebrities.


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